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Student Device Requests Click Here Please be sure to review the information before requesting.
Student Technology Support See notes

**NOTE: Students must follow these steps to log on for classes each day. This process ensures that the proper connections are made between the systems. Using links outside the Portal can prevent assignments from displaying or prevent students from accessing classes on Zoom.

  1. Log into the NISD Portal (
  2. From the Portal, open up either Gmail, Google Calendar, or Google Drive
  3. Then, from the Portal, open Zoom
  4. Then, from the Portal, open Schoology

For Zoom and GSuite (Google) guides, use this link.

2 Support Options:

Students have access to on campus technology support by visiting the tech office in the library during normal campus hours including before and after school. 

NISD also offers support via the Student Support Helpline with after-hours times.

    Home Access Center Click Here

    Scroll down to the HAC section for information on:

    • Requesting an account
    • Reporting a problem
    • Quick start guide
    • Viewing report cards guide
    • Returning student registration guide

    **For grade averages, parents must use HAC. 

    To find your child's email, sNumber, and password, use this link and scroll to the section: "How can I find out my child's email, sNumber, and password?"

    • Schoology / Virtual Learning Hub
    • Zoom
    • GSuite (Google)
    Click Here

    Schoology provides teachers, students, and parents with a one-stop location for accessing assignments, participating in classroom discussions, and communicating between parents and teachers. This system does not show the official grade average for classes, only assignments. **For grade averages, parents must use HAC. 

    This link will provide helpful information including:

    • Creating and using an account
    • Adding students
    • Troubleshooting - Schoology & Google
    • FAQs including
      • Find out my child's email, sNumber, and password
      • My child does not see the Schoology tile in his/her portal?
      • My child's schedule isn't accurate, how can I get this fixed?
      • And more!



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