Front Entrance of Glenn ES

Device Collection Coming Soon

Device Collection Coming Soon


Dear Glenn Parents, 

As the school year starts to wind down and come to an end, we must start preparation for summer storage of our school devices.  All students were issued a device for instructional purposes to use all year.  These devices will need to be cleaned and updated before summer storage.  We ask for your help in completing the following to make this process easier.  You may start this process now if you would like as long as it is completed by May 09, 2022. After this date devices will no longer go home. 

If your child has a Chromebook,  please  remove any stickers on your child’s  device and any residue left from the sticker.  This is easily done with a disinfecting wipe.  

If your child has an iPad, please delete any photos and wipe the device with a disinfecting wipe. 

Make sure chargers are accounted for and stay with the device for collection time in May. 



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