View of Hatchett Elementary from the front parking lot.

Attendance Matters


Unexcused & Excused Absences ALL absences count! Students who have more than 18 total absences are at risk of failing. Parent/Guardians may also be issued a municipal court warning, and possibly pay a fine. 

Medical Appointments  Appointments must be at the start or end of the school day to be counted as HEALTH and not as an absence. If the student is out the entire day, they are absent. 

Why do I need to send a note? If a student's attendance case is sent to court, a committee will take into consideration how many absences were excused and unexcused. 

Tardies Students who arrive after 9am are considered ABSENT. This does not mean your child should stay home. Staying home will make your student fall behind by missing an entire day of instruction. 

Communication If your child is ill and will be out of school for more than 1 day, please inform your child's classroom teachers. They should be your first line of communication. 

Special Circumstances Every student's situation is different. If there are barriers keeping your student from being at school, reach out to your campus. There are resources and people to help. 

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