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2021-2022 Grading Policies

3rd, 4th, 5th Grade Grading Policy



Grades are used as a means for reporting a student's progress and mastery of concepts taught. Grades will measure and reflect the quality of a student's work as well as the effort put forth. Grades will be a direct representation of the student's knowledge of the content or performance of skills after receiving adequate instruction. HAC will remain our official grade reporting system. Grades that are entered in Schoology will be aligned with the NISD Standards and TEKS. No extra credit or bonus points will be given for a grade at Helotes Elementary Grades will be weighted equally. Teachers will have at least one grade per subject each week and no more than three per week. 

  • Math
  • Reading
  • Language Arts
  • Science
  • Social Studies



Assessments will not always yield a grade. Assessments will be given as a means for improving academic performance. Assessments and the grades derived from these assessments will provide essential feedback to the student and/or parent in monitoring student progress and mastery of NISD Standards/TEKS. Once adequate instruction and practice have been provided a graded assessment may be given. 

Teachers will monitor the assessment scores of students. Students will receive further instruction and the opportunity to make corrections when the student has an average below 70%. 

Mastery of content is the intended goal. Multiple assessments will be given to a student before being expected to be proficient on a concept/skill. A variety of assessments will be given to a student in each content area.



Projects that are assigned as an evaluation activity will have criteria written as a form of communicating to the students the expectations for the project.


Missing Work & Corrections

Missing work will show up in the grade book as a zero (msg). Students may still turn in missing work to receive a grade within one week 

Students will be given opportunities to correct daily work for practice. \ credit can be added to the students' grades for those missed items that are corrected accurately. Students must provide evidence to support their new answer. 

Teachers will document in the gradebook any assignment where the student has redone an assignment or been given an alternate assignment to improve the grade. 

Teachers will document in the gradebook assignments where they have had to make significant accommodations to the assessment for the student to be successful. 

Students will be responsible for checking Schoology /HAC for any missing work.



Homework completion will be reflected in the "Citizen and Responsibility" section of the report card. Homework will be given Monday-Thursday. Consistent completion of homework is most beneficial to the student.

2nd Grade Grading Policy


Grades to be Taken:

RLA (reading and writing) 9-12 per grading cycle

Math 9-12 per grading cycle

Sci/Soc St 9 combined per grading cycle 


Grading Scale

90 - 100 A

80 - 89   B

75-79    C

70 - 74   D

69 and below U 


E - 95

S - 82

N - 72

U - 69 


Letter grades of E,S,N,U will be given in Writing, Science and Social Studies 


Numeric grades will be given in reading and math


No weighting of grades - all grades will be weighted at 100%

Grades will be used to report progress, knowledge and 

Understanding of concepts  


Retakes will be permitted 1 time per assignment - the highest 

grade to be recorded  will be a 70 


Homework completion will be reflected in the Responsibility Grade 


No extra credit will be given 


Graded Papers will be sent home for parents to review


1st Grade Grading Policy


Grade scale:

E: 90-100

S: 75-89

N: 70-73

U: 69-below

No extra credit work to be given.

9-12 grades per subject per grading period; S/SS combined

Shared a copy of updated 1st grade report card

Test grades are not eligible for redos.

If a student fails a daily assignment, they will have one opportunity to redo the assignment.  Grade will be a 70.

Kinder Grading Policy


Report Card Symbols:

E, S, N, and U are used for all areas based on the grade level TEKS and assessment.  


Explanation of marking symbols: 

E = independently exhibits understanding beyond grade level expectations

S = consistently exhibits mastery of grade level skill/concept 

N = exhibits skill with minimal guidance and increasing frequency

U = exhibits skill with direct guidance/assistance



Math will be based on a math checklist, along with teacher observation, math journals, small group time and anecdotal notes are all used to provide grades.



Reading grades will be based on small group/guided reading group work and anecdotal notes along with Fountas and Pinnell IRI’s, TX-KEA, and other language skills assessments are all used to provide grades.

Fountas and Pinnell Reading level expectations:

1st 9 weeks: A   2nd 9 weeks: Level B   3rd 9 weeks: Level C  4th 9 weeks: Level D



Writing grades will be based on a writing rubric. Teacher observation, writing folders, conferring notes are all used to provide grades. 


Science/Social Studies:

Science/Social Studies are integrated together. Students will be expected to follow procedures for all labs. Grades will be determined using teacher observation, investigation notebooks, anecdotal notes, and safe participation in activities. 


Art, Music, PE:

Each Specialist teacher will provide their grading policy. Their grades are based on participation and specific activities.


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