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                                     Hobby Middle School Summer Reading


Hobby Middle School is a community of readers! The goal of Summer Reading is to engage ALL students in challenging, high interest books of their choice. Throughout the summer, students will actively read at least one novel and participate in a reading/writing connection activity within the first grading period once the new school year begins.

Summer Reading is REQUIRED for all Pre-AP ELA students. All other students are highly encouraged to participate in order to strengthen reading skills, and just to have FUN!

Choose a book from your home, public library, online source, or a local bookstore. While all books are valuable, we want you to choose books that are a comfortable challenge for you. They may be novels, books in verse, informational books, graphic novels, or audiobooks.

                                                    ~ For a free San Antonio Public Library card, which can be used to check out online books as well as books at the library, visit:                                                             

~ For free ebooks through Northside, check out : or


Book Choices: We have put together a list of suggested authors and popular novels you may want to choose from. Don’t forget to ask family members, friends, and teachers for suggestions!



Please Click on the Files below to view the suggested authors and popular novels


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