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Semester 1 Exam Schedule

Holmes/NSITE High School: Semester Exam Schedule

Students please prepare yourself by attending tutoring and working with your teachers. Please feel free to call the campus for questions. Remember all exams are to be taken at home, unless a parent contacts the Academic Dean. Go Huskies!

Part A Semester Exams Writing Portion Days Monday, December 7th through Friday, December 11th  

Part B

December 14th through December 18th Daily Schedule for exam will be as follows:

Students will take exams Asynchronously (at home). Monday through Thursday, students have until 11:59 pm (the day of the exam) to complete the semester exam. Students have until 12:15 pm on Friday to complete their 3rd period Semester Exam (see disclaimer in red above). Links to semester exams can be found in the Schoology course on the day assigned.


Mon, Dec 14

Tues, Dec 15

Wed, Dec 16

Thurs, Dec 17

Fri, Dec 18


1st period Review

5th period Review

6th period Review

2nd period Review

3rd period Review


1st period Exam

5th period Exam

6th period Exam

2nd period Exam

3rd period Exam








4th period Review

7th period Review

8th period Review

Make up Exams contact your teacher

Teacher submit grades Dec 18th


4th Period Exam

7th period Exam

8th period Exam

2nd period exams should be allowed and accepted until 11:59pm on Thursday.

3rd period students have until 12:15 pm on Friday to complete exam. If student is unavailable to test on Friday, student must contact teacher. If teacher projects students needing additional time, teachers may open exams at 1:15 pm on Thursday afternoon.


  • Students are required to take the exam on the day assigned. If a particular concern or situation arrives and a student is unable to test on a scheduled exam day, arrangements should be made with the teacher of record. Attendance will be taken.  
  • We encourage students to be on zoom during class review time. Teachers will provide important information at this time. As an incentive, all students who sign in on testing day will receive a grade of 100 to replace the lowest formative grade for that class.   
  • The exam is 10% of the students' semester average. There are no semester exam exemptions.  
  • Students who have a double/triple blocked class must engage in both class/exam periods for that course. Attendance will be taken both days.

United In One Common Goal; All Huskies Will Succeeds

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