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Attendance updates 2020-2021

How to Receive Credit for Attending Class Every Day:


  • Students can obtain attendance credit each day by one of many ways: Attend zoom for the 1st 15 minutes of each class, or submit an assignment that day, or open up the coursework located in their Schoology for each class, or have a one on one communication that day with their teacher.
  • Students have until 11:59 pm every day for every class to obtain attendance credit.
  • Students must engage in all classes, every day, for every period.
  • Teachers have a full week to change/update attendance codes.
  • Teachers take attendance within the first 15 minutes of every class during the regular school schedule, then they will update the attendance as the week goes by.
  • Attendance codes: ERA (first time in a class), RA (Virtually present), A (absent), and P (physically present in class on campus).


Attendance and Course Credit:

  • Students obtain credit for their classes by both attending classes and passing their coursework with a 70% or higher.
  • Students can have a total of (8) absences for 1st Semester to still be credit eligible. *
  • Students can have a total of (10) absences for 2nd Semester to still be credit eligible. **


*Due to changes in the semester calendars for the 2020-21 School Year, the amount of attendance for credit time has been adjusted.


**Students that have a full year course will have the ability to receive credit for that class at the end of the year as long as the student does not exceed (18) total absences for the year.

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