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Voluntary, Free COVID-19 Screening Continues March 17th

The health and safety of our students and staff is our main priority.  


We know every day that we are not in a classroom with our students is one more challenge they are facing when it comes to their education. That is why we are thrilled that we have been granted the opportunity to partner with Community Labs to help us get back to school classrooms, in school buildings, safely. Community Labs is a local nonprofit organization that is creating a safe pathway for schools to reopen safely allowing for in-person learning, for people to return to work, and communities to thrive. This innovative, nonprofit laboratory is changing how traditional COVID-19 testing is currently conducted with 24-hour turnaround, 95% accuracy, and is less invasive by swabbing in the front of the nostril. 


Here’s how this will work:


Community Labs will begin by performing weekly COVID-19 screening for all high school students and teachers, to determine if anyone is an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19 - that is, someone who is positive for COVID-19, but has no symptoms. When we identify and quarantine these asymptomatic carriers, we know the remaining students and staff are COVID-19-free and healthy. With this program from Community Labs, we can create COVID-19 Safety Zones on campus, allowing students and teachers the confidence to go back to teaching and learning safely.


The Community Labs screening process uses a PCR test—the FDA gold standard in COVID-19 testing. The actual test is painless and uses a less-invasive method that is 95% effective in detecting asymptomatic silent spreaders of the virus. The screening is free to all students and staff thanks to a generous grant from local philanthropists.


Here are the next steps we will take as a school community:


Please sign the consent form giving permission for weekly screening by Community Labs.


Register your student at


Unlike other COVID-19 tests you may have seen, a swab of the inside front of the nostril-- not deep in the nasal cavity-- is all that is needed. Here is a video that shows the test being administered


The screening will be performed on-campus at Holmes/NSITE each Tuesday, starting at 9:30 am.


Within 24-hours or less, you will know your results.


Those who test positive and are asymptomatic will be required to quarantine at home. Those who are not, can return to the classroom with other students and staff who have tested negative and are COVID-19-free.


All test results are private. Only you, the school nurse, and the NISD Health Services Department will know the results of the test.


We are looking forward to returning to a new sense of normal. We are confident this screening process is a step in the right direction to help our students and teachers return to a classroom with students learning with their teachers by their side.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Holmes Administration at 210-397-7000 or NSITE Administration at 210-397-7070.

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