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Foreign/World Language


Spanish 1 MS

This course focuses on developing speaking and listening comprehension skills. Students are exposed to basic reading and writing skills. Students are introduced to the people, their customs, and other aspects of their culture. Students have the opportunity to work in pairs and small groups to role-play real ­life situations using the target language.

Spanish 2 MS

This course focuses on opportunities for students to expand their speaking and listening comprehension skills and develop their reading comprehension and writing skills. Students continue to study the culture, the people, and their customs. Students will continue to role play and perform dialogues and skits in various everyday situations and topics using the target language.

Advanced Spanish 2 MS

This course exceeds the Level 2 requirements by including many independent activities requiring performance in the target language. The students will continue to refine the three modes of communication by being exposed to an enriched and accelerated curriculum.

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