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Summer Reading 2020-2021

Dear Parents and Students,

Engaging students in a culture of literacy develops them into skilled readers, writers, thinkers, and speakers. This summer, students in grades 6-8 will self-select age-appropriate books of interest to them from a genre of their choosing for summer reading. Fiction novels are highly encouraged. Summer reading is required for all ELA Pre-AP students, but all students are strongly encouraged to participate. By supporting self-selected or student-choice reading, Jefferson MS ELA teachers will have opportunities to engage students in deeper learning and literacy in the classroom. Highly recommended booklists are located below to help support student choice. Students are responsible for obtaining books, but may use overdrive, the public library, purchase their own, or borrow from friends and family. 2020-2021 Lone Star List Goodreads Middle Grade Novels 2020-2021 Bluebonnet List (incoming 6th Graders only) Students may take notes, keep a journal, or annotate to aid comprehension, but no assignment will be required over the summer. When students return in the fall, teachers will have some reading/ writing connection assignments for them to complete to cover the concepts of their novel. Students who are not in Pre-AP will have an opportunity to do the same assignments as Pre-AP students, for up to 3 points of extra credit added to their First Six Weeks Average.



Edward Wagner - ELA Department Coordinator, Jefferson Middle School

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