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Principal’s Corner June 2020

Principal’s Corner June 2020

Good morning Jefferson family,

Well, we made it and we made it through together!  As I look back on this year, my first year as Principal of Jefferson, I expected excitement, learning, and meeting new people.  I knew that change would be a part of this year, but, of course, never imagined closing the school, distance learning, and not being able to end the year with students and staff. 

I want to thank each of you for all your support and trusting us to care and be responsible for teaching your child.  I have truly enjoyed getting to know so many of you. Even though we do not know how the fall will look, I want you to know as a district, we are looking at many options so that we can meet the needs of our families.  

To make sure that you are kept up-to-date as new information is available about summer and fall,  I will continue to send out newsletters (Probably not weekly, but as needed).  You can always email me anytime with questions.  As always, please follow us at and social media for the latest updates.  

Even though we are not in school, we are still here for you.  The campus and our teachers will be sending out fun and engaging activities throughout the summer. These activities are completely for fun; not required.  Your child’s Google classroom will still be open and they can reach out to their teachers as needed.  

Food distribution will continue in the summer.  I will send out sites as soon as I have the information.   

I also want to take this time to thank our amazing PTA.  They have done so many things for the campus, staff, and students.  So many parents volunteered, but I want to give a special thank you to our board: President-ELizabeth Mendez, 1st VP of Programs-Christina Morado,  2nd VP of Membership-Marissa Maldonado, 3rd VP of Fundraising-Elaine Montemayor, Secretary-Teresa Carrillo, Treasurer-Erika Chapa, Parliamentarian-Lizette Ordaz, Hospitality-Kimberly Boudreaux, Teacher Liaison-Maggie Carranza, Historian- Jena Sanchez, Reflections- Lesley Girma. 

Events for the last week of school:

Monday, June 1

  • Yearbook curbside pick up 9:00 am-6:00 pm
  • 8th grade t-shirt curbside pick up 9:00 am-6:00 pm If you ordered an 8th grade t-shirt, they will also be available for curbside pick up Please help us by placing your child’s name, ID#, and grade on a paper on the passenger door front window.
  • 5th grade Welcome to Jefferson drive through All incoming Jefferson 6th graders, please join us from 6:00pm-7:00pm to pick up Jefferson spirit items. In case of rain, we will reschedule for June 4, 6:00pm-7:00pm and I will do a phone call out to cancel.   

Tuesday, June 2 We will hold virtual academic award ceremonies for each grade level. (Click the highlighted link to join the event and if asked the password is eagles)  Each core content, elective, and PE/Athletics will award one student with an academic of excellence award.  We will announce the winners during the presentation.  If your child is receiving an award, we completed a call out and an email to inform you, so you can make sure that you are watching.  The certificate will be emailed to the student by the teacher.  We ask for your patience as this will be the first time we attempt to hold a ceremony of this size; virtually. We will start allowing people into the zoom 10 minutes prior to the start time to allow for staggered entrances. If you are “waiting” to be let into the zoom and it seems to be taking some time - please be patient as we have to manually admit families into the event. We believe we have a great plan, but we appreciate your flexibility, in advance, as we work hard to celebrate our students!

The 8th grade ceremony will be slightly longer as it will include the presentation of the Presidential Awards for Academic Excellence.  Those students who have met the criteria of earning a grade point average of 90 or higher on a 100 point scale over the course of all 3 years in middle school; up to the end of the Fall semester of 8th grade will have their name read.  This certificate will be mailed to the student’s house after the awards ceremony. 

  • 11:00 am-6th grade
  • 2:00 pm-7th grade
  • 6:00 pm-8th grade

Wednesday, June 3  6:00 pm We have a Jefferson staff parade in the community.  We will be driving through to say hello and goodbye to our amazing students.  The route for the parade will be sent out today in a separate email.  Although we can not hit every street, we will make it into most of the neighborhoods.  We hope you can join us! 

We will  have a lot of cars and expect to be broken up, please be patient.  We will have the last car with a sign that says End of Parade.  

9:00 am -2:00 pm Medication distribution will be on campus. 

Ongoing all week 

  • We have placed a library/textbook drop off in the front of the school.  You can stop by anytime.  
  • NISD data verification is continuing,  please go to the NISD Home Access Center (HAC) - log in and under the registration tab- select Update Enrollment.  From there click start and complete this on each child. Deadline is June 4.  Make sure you are signed in as the parent, not your child.  
  • For those of you who would like to receive a refund from your child’s meal account please contact The Child Nutrition Department at 210-397-4548 or email

Summer information:

  • We will have a virtual summer school for students who did not pass 2-4 core content area classes.  The summer session will last 10 days and begin July 6.  More information will come out in June.  You can contact Ms. Galan for more information.
  • The district is planning a Jump Start to the Fall.  This would be an opportunity for students to participate in short camps on campus that would focus on electives and PE/Athletics.  This is in the very early stages of planning, but I wanted you to know about it.  Of course, this all depends on how the summer goes.   Tentative dates, week of:
    • July 27
    • Aug 3
    • Aug 10

Again, thank you for all you have done to help us end the year strong.  I also want to thank my amazing admin team, who have worked tirelessly to make sure everything gets taken care of, our counselors, and my brilliant teachers, who have gone over and beyond to learn a new skill set and become online teachers.   

#JeffersonStrong #Jeffersonproud

Apart, we stand together, Monica Cabico


Principal’s Corner May 2020

Good morning Jefferson family,

We are heading into the first full week of May.  This week we have a lot to celebrate.  Our amazing teachers and Nurse Amber Bugge.  It will look a little different this year, but make no mistake, I appreciate all they do and wish as a campus we could celebrate them the way they deserve.  

For those of you who would like to receive a refund from your child’s meal account please contact The Child Nutrition Department at 210-397-4548 or email

Soon you will receive an email if your child has a library book checked out.  Our plan is to pick them up when you come to campus to pick up your child’s personal belongings.  More information to come.  

So many of our end of year events have been cancelled because of the closure of our campus for the remainder of the school year.  I wanted you to know that we are looking at ways to celebrate our students.  PTA is coordinating a plan to purchase an 8th grade t-shirt.  A google form will be sent out through their ELA class with more information.  Also, NJHS is looking at a way to acknowledge the students who were supposed to be inducted this Spring.  We know that these virtual celebrations and a t-shirt do not replace what we had planned, but it is important that we celebrate our students.  

We are continuing to collect all personal belongings and organize our plan.  At this time I do not have a pick up time due to the extended stay at home orders. This plan will ensure that we are practicing social distancing and keeping staff and all of you safe.   As soon as we get approval from the district, an email with dates and times will be sent out.  

We are hoping to have yearbooks on campus around mid May.  You can still order a yearbook at  If there are any issues with the link, you can go to and search for Jefferson Middle School or you can email  

I have had many emails about,”When does school end?”  We are following the original school calendar.  As a district we will continue to provide distance learning until June 4th.  As stated in previous emails, this six weeks is graded, so please make sure to reach out to teachers if you need assistance or guidance.   We have now hit our 8th week with our new normal.  Each of us is dealing with different concerns and needs.   Please know that we are here to support you.  The district is continuing to hand out meals and work with the San Antonio food bank.  This is a list of resources for your family.  

I know this is a little early but, I wanted to make sure that I did a shout out to all the moms. Happy Mother’s Day! I hope that you are pampered and have an amazing Sunday.                                                                                                                         

Apart, we stand together, Monica Cabico



Principal’s Corner April 2020

Good afternoon Jefferson Families,

I want to start by saying how much I miss seeing all of you.  I even miss lunch duty. All of those smiling faces. I hope that you are doing well during this time.  Please tell your child how much I wish I could have them at school.  

I want to share some information about questions I have been getting during this time.  

  • Is school going to be closed the rest of the year?  As of now, we are closed until May 4.  This was ordered by Governor Abbott. Unfortunately,  I don’t know anymore. Continue to monitor the district webpage and social media for updated information. 

  • What about my child's lockers?  As of now, we are waiting to see if we are able to return to school.  If not, we will have to create a system that abides to the amount of people allowed on campus and keeps everyone safe.  More information will come as needed. If you absolutely need something, please email To set up a time.  

  • How can I get my child’s yearbook?  Again, we are waiting to see if school returns.  If we are not able to return, we will look at our options.  Keeping all students safe is our priority.  

  • STAAR and EOC testing has been cancelled for this school year and will not be used as a promotion standard for moving to the next grade level.  What this means is that we will only look at successfully completing the class,, not passing a STAAR test to pass to the next grade. 

  • Can I still get technology?  Yes, log on to the district webpage for Covid 19.  You will find a link on how to apply as you scroll down the page.  There are only two locations to pick up technology.  

I have some updates for distance learning.  We are having our teachers organize their google classrooms by topic dated for the week (It will be on the left side if you click the classwork tab at the top) to make it easier for you and your child to know the assignments for the week and due dates.  Mr. Castellanos sent out an email about this earlier today. We are adding videos by teachers for engaging learning (some are already doing it), open time for students to reach out to teachers for questions and discussion.  

I am also attaching the new grading system that the district adopted to adjust to distance learning.  We are using the fifth six weeks as a time to help students connect and keep the learning going, but not to penalize students as they adjust and get their technology.  The six sixth week will be graded, but again focused on learning and supporting our students during this time.  

I know that there is so much more to write about, but I do not want to overwhelm you. Please know you can always reach for questions and concerns.  

Stay safe, 

Monica Cabico



Principal’s Corner March 2020

 As of today, our attendance rate is 95.99%. Make sure to send in your notes when your child is absent. 

Welcome to March, this is such a beautiful time of the year! 

We are starting our 5th six weeks.  Please make sure you are monitoring your students grades in the home access center (HAC).  We still have plenty of time to support students and help them finish the year strong. Each teacher has two days of tutoring and we offer reteach/retest.  

Most students should be finishing up registration this week.  Your child will still be able to make changes in their course selection up until the last day of this school year.  You just need to contact the counselor's office to make the change. 210-397-3732. 

As you have probably already noticed, our district and campus webpage has changed.  Remember that you can contact a teacher by email by using their first.last@nisd. net.  You can also call the front office to leave a message. You still have access to the campus calendar.  You need to choose calendars-campus calendars-middle schools-Jefferson. Let me know if you need anymore support with the webpage.  

One of my goals for this year was to have clear communication with parents and the community. In order to make sure I am meeting your needs, I  would like to send out a brief survey to help me continue to refine my communication with you. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @NISD Jefferson and Facebook, Wallace B. Jefferson Middle School PTA

A few events to highlight: 

  • Our students are preparing for UIL
    • Choir March 3-4
    • Orchestra March 25-27
    • Band April 14-15 
  • March 2 Golf Match Oak Valley Golf Course
  • March 3 Girls track Meet, Brandies HS, Golf Match Oak Valley Golf Course
  • March 4 Boys Track Meet, Brandies HS
  • March 9 13 Spring Break
  • March 16th, 23rd, 30th- 7th grade Writing tutoring (4:00-5:00),Golf Match Oak Valley Golf Course
  • March 17 5:30 PTA Board Meeting, Golf Match Oak Valley Golf Course
  • March 18 GT Mentathlon (check with your GT teacher for more info ) 
  • March 18 Girls Track Meet Brandies HS
  • March 19 Boys Track Meet Brandies HS
  • March 23-24 Golf Match Oak Valley Golf Course
  • March 25 Boys and Girls District track meet Gus Stadium 
  • End of March Boys Soccer tryouts. (more info to come)
  • Beginning of April Girls Soccer tryouts.  (more info to come)

STAAR is just around the corner.  Please be mindful of the testing dates, so that  you do not schedule appointments on these days.  

  • April 7-7th grade Writing and 8th gr Math
  • April 8-8th grade Reading and 7th gr Math P-AP
  • May 5-Algebra EOC
  • May 7-8th grade Science
  • May 8-8th grade Social Studies
  • May 12-6th/7th Math
  • May 13-6th/7th Reading

Thank you for all you do to support Jefferson Middle School,

Monica Cabico


It’s an Excellent day to be an Eagle!


Principal’s Corner February 2020

 As of today, our attendance rate is 96.13%. Make sure to send in your notes when your child is absent. 

Welcome to February!  I can’t believe how fast this year is going.  February is registration month. The next few weeks' students will be choosing their courses for next year.  We are having our Registration Expo Monday, February 3rd at 6:00 pm, so that you can find out more about your child’s elective choices, high school credit classes, and the differences between Pre-AP and academic classes.  

February is also the beginning of intramurals.  All students are able to sign up and compete in sports after school.  Information has been passed out to students. Call the school for more info. 

Our new campus and district websites will launch on February 19.

If you are interested in being part of our SAT School Advisory Team, please call me at 210-397-3700 for more information. 

A few events to highlight: 

  • Feb. 4 100th day of school
  • Feb. 7 PTA Father daughter dance 
  • Feb. 10 Progress Reports sent home
  • Feb. 10 Intramurals begin  Mon-Wed 3:00 pm-5:30 pm
  • Feb. 11 Battle of the Middle Schools Chick- fil-A at Alamo Ranch
  • Feb. 11 School Advisory Team Meeting 6:00 pm in the library
  • Feb. 17 Student Holiday
  • Feb. 28 End of six weeks

STAAR is just around the corner.  Please be mindful of the testing dates, so that  you do not schedule appointments on these days.  

  • April 7-7th grade Writing and 8th gr Math
  • April 8 8th grade Reading and 7th gr Math P-AP
  • May 5 Algebra EOC
  • May 7 8th grade Science
  • May 8 8th grade Social Studies
  • May 12 6th/7th Math
  • May 13 6th/7th Reading

Thank you for all you do to support Jefferson Middle School,

Monica Cabico


It’s an Excellent day to be an Eagle! 

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