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We've seen this phrase often over the past 7 weeks and as a whole, we have stayed strong during this difficult time of social distancing. However, last Friday's school closures made us all stop in our tracks. While we absolutely support the efforts for the health and safety of our citizens, we all felt that sense of hope fall.....at first.


But then our amazing teachers and staff did what they always do. They started to get creative. They checked in with their students to make sure they were all doing well emotionally. They redesigned their Google Classrooms, online meeting schedules, and small group lessons as needed. In teams, they started thinking about what our students need to feel safe, to feel a sense of belonging, and to feel excited about their learning for these last 6 weeks!


At Kuentz we have always prided ourselves on our traditions. We have a rich history of celebrations that make Kuentz, Kuentz! Whether it's grade level projects, field trips, leadership synergy rallies, pep rallies, recycling competitions, variety shows, field days, dances, or more, we come together as a community to support each other, to feel a sense of belonging, and to take pride in our school. Although the school building is closed, learning and traditions are not!


During these next 6 weeks of school, we encourage you to help your child shine! Make sure they are participating in their distance learning activities and completing their assignments. To the extent possible, have them log in for their online zoom lessons with the teachers. These interactions are part of a new tradition we are creating together - a tradition of excellence during the 2020 spring semester. Just like with all our traditions, we expect our young leaders to rise to the challenge and to Finish Strong!


We appreciate your support as parents and look forward to the day when we are all together in person again! Until then, stay safe and stay well!




Lori Gallegos

I have a question!

We know that with the announcement of school closures comes many questions. There are three questions, however, that have come up on multiple occasions.


1. Are the distance learning activities really required? What will happen for our child's end of year promotion decisions if we do not participate?

YES! Distance learning is required! School is not out just because we are learning from home. By the end of the year, our students will have been home learning for 11 weeks. This is over one quarter of the school year! If students are not participating in their distance learning, it will impact their academics and could impact our end of year decision as to next year's placement. We know that every family's situation is different and we will work with you to ensure that we find the balance between academic assignments and your situation. If you are having difficulty with the Google Classroom learning platform, please reach out to your child's teacher so we may help! We are excited that almost all of our Coyotes are actively engaged with their distance learning! If we may be of any assistance to you during this time, please call or email us!


2. When/How can we get our child's belongings from the classroom?

While many things are still pending, we do know that there will be an opportunity in the near future for parents to come to school and pick up their child's belongings. In order to ensure that the process we will use maintains the safety of all, we will announce our final plans in the next few weeks.


3. What about 5th grade promotion ceremony?

We recognize that the end of the year for 5th grade is a special time for our students! We want to celebrate their achievement with them! We are in the process of planning some sort of ceremony for our students. As more information is shared from our elected leaders, we will create a final plan that we will share with our 5th grade families closer to the end of the year.

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