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Meeting Time/Location
3:05-4:35pm Mondays starts the week of Feb 4th

Coding in Minecraft. 

Calling all Minecraft lovers! Want to code? Students code inside the game! We also use ingame electricity (redstone) to build amazing traps while teaching logic circuity. They work with diodes (repeaters) to build complex contraptions, cunning devices, and powerful pitfalls. 

3D Video Game Making

Why play games instead of creating one? Our students use a visual programming language to create exciting and professional looking games to take home. They master coniditional formatting while creating the best video game ever. The point and click software enables many of our graduates to program even more 3D video games at home.

Video Game Creation 

Build the best video game ever! Capitalize on your kid's love for video games by letting them build their own. Their imagination is the limit as they create multiple and unique video games. Your kids learn programming & apply concepts they've learned in math, all while having a blast. We create exciting, professional looking games to share at home. New Software and Curricula 

LEGO Robotics

EV3 Mindstorm robots excite a kid like nothing else. We'll cover switches, loops, sensors, and much more as you learn skills to defeat our daily challenge. Our robot games reinforce the curicula in fun and exciting ways that few kids can resist. 

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