iPiano Lab After school keyboard club

Meeting Time/Location
Thursdays Los reyes 1/30 3:00-4:00pm

Introducing the freshest way to learn piano or keyboard; iPianoLab Keyboard Clubs! While most traditional methods concentrate on months of drills and baby tunes before a student gets to play real music, iPianoLab teaches kids to play songs they really like! Imagine Dragons, Taylor Swift, Super Mario Bos, Star Wars, even Bach and Beethoven are all in reach, right from the first lesson! We break the music down into simple, great sounding arrangements kids love to play! And a child who likes practicing their songs is a child who will make rapdio progress on the instrument! 

Grades K and up: 9:1 student - teacher ratio means a lot of individual attention!

Students progress at their own pace: Students can join at anytime throughout the year and learn new skills within each six-week level!

5 Progressive levels through out the year: Class meets for 1 hour per week right after school.

Level 1: Playing Melodies (rhythm and counting), Letter Names of the Keys.

Level 2: Reading the Treble Staff.

Level 3: Reading the Grand Staff

Level 4: Learning Chords!

Level 5: Maj, Min, Sus 4 Chords!

Portable keyboard lab set up right at school!: Keyboard and headphones will be provided for each child enrolled.

No Keyboard at home? Visit our website for a first time buyers guide to help locate an inexpensive first instrument!

All learning materials and songs provided: Recitals, fun games and contests

Includes free access to our online site where students and parents can download video lessons, as well as songs, exercises, and more! 

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