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Student Item Pick-Up

Dear Parents,

We are ready for students to retrieve the contents of their lockers. Our goal is to have parents make only one trip to the campus to pick up student items.  Parents, please post the name of your child, grade level, and first period teacher to your windshield/front passenger window.  If you have multiple children, please post the additional information.  Staff members with a radio will contact the appropriate grade level holding area with the pertinent information:  name, grade level, 1st period teacher.  Staff will retrieve the items, place them onto a cart, and trundle them to the front of the school.  Parents, you will be directed to pull up the cones marked, Car 1, Car 2, Car 3, Car 4, Car 5.  Cart trundlers will take your child’s items to the corresponding car pick up area (see map image at bottom).  The next five cars will stop in the staging “stop” area and convey their students’ information and then move forward to the numbered slots for pick up.  The librarian will be out front collecting library books and school text books from students’ homes.

In addition, school instrument return will occur concurrently as band and orchestra students who have school instruments will drop them off in the back of the school by the band hall.  The band and orchestra teachers will collect school instruments and then direct those families to the front for student pick up.  Band fundraiser items will be distributed by the band teacher in the back of the school.

Choir fundraiser items will be picked up by appointment on a different day.

Items to be picked up:

  • Contents of lockers
  • Contents of athletic lockers
  • Art items owned by students
  • Band/orchestra instruments owned by students
  • Yearbooks
  • Spring school pictures
  • Dance bags

Dates and Times

  • May 18—8:30-11:00 8th grade A-L
  • May 18—1:00-3:30 8th grade M-Z
  • May 19—8:30-11:00 7th grade A-L
  • May 19—1:00-3:30 7th grade M-Z
  • May 20—8:30-11:00 6th grade A-L
  • May 20—1:00-3:30 6th grade M-Z

Click on the link below for a map of our distribution plan.


Brock Horton

Vice Principal


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