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Writing Department

At Meadow Village Elementary School, students are immersed in writing a wide array of genres including personal narrative, informational writing, poetry, and persuasive writing. Classrooms exemplify a writer’s workshop in which teachers model best writing practices and students are provided with ample time to try out craft moves under the guidance and coaching of the teacher in writing conferences. Students are not given a daily writing assignment; rather they are coached through their own work in order to add permanent skills to their writer’s toolbox that will carry them through their academic years and beyond. Teachers work with a writing specialist to provide individualized writing instruction to best meet the needs of all students. Students work on a variety of self-selected writing pieces through multiple weeks in a writing unit, ensuring they have a plethora of time and writing practice to master skills. Students are able to go through the complete writing process, including generating ideas, drafting, revising, and editing multiple times within one genre unit. Students also practice the important life skills of speaking, listening, and giving and receiving feedback as they work with writing partners to enhance their own writing pieces. At the end of each genre unit, students get to celebrate their success as authors, thereby reinforcing our belief that the written word is powerful and students write to communicate with people around them. 

Meadow Village also recognizes the importance of students mastering English grammar and conventions from an early age. Beginning in first grade, students are guided to analyze mentor sentences from high-quality literature, noticing what makes each sentence to powerful. Working in partnerships, students practice imitating similar conventions before applying it to their own writing, again under direct coaching from their teacher.   

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