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School Supplies

Setting up a learning environment for your child at home is crucial to the success of virtual at home learning. A routine for daily learning must be established. Having a designated area will help set the stage for the routine. This will also help the transition back to school.


Virtual Elementary K-5 School Supply List

5 pre-sharpened pencils or mechanical pencils

2 pocket and brad folders

1 box of 24 crayons

1 Basic Classic Marker Set (10)

1 pair of scissors

2 glue sticks

3 composition notebooks

1 pkg. wide ruled loose leaf paper

1 computer/device (available to provide by NISD)

1 set of earbuds/earphones (optional)

1 supply box

1 backpack

(replenish as needed)



A set of earbuds/earphones is optional, but can help ensure you don't disturb those around you, and can also drown out outside noise to minimize distractions.

You may think you won't need a backpack for virtual school since you won't be going from the classroom to home. However, owning a backpack to include your device and other supplies will be useful when you move to another location around your home to work for a change of scenery!

If you ordered school supplies from the PTA, we will work on a plan to distribute to the students/families who ordered.

Students will begin the year will distance learning. Once students are able to return to the building and you choose to send your child back the link for the In Person Instruction list can be found here:

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