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Math Department

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     The Elementary Math Department at Murnin Elementary supports the district's mission in its commitment that children come first.  As a Murnin Mariner, our mission is to transform learning through a collaborative community. Our vision is for all  students to grow in curiosity, ability, and confidence. All students deserve a quality education that honors their voice and prepares them to engage, contribute, and above all, succeed. 

     Through curriculum, instruction, and professional staff development, this department strives to  develop students' conceptual understanding, computational fluency, analytical thinking, and reasoning through problem solving.  


Mariner Math Goals:

  • Support an instructional environment where students are engaged through hands-on instruction in a Guided Math framework, involving data-driven recursive review, differentiated small group instruction, independent math workstations, and group reflection to develop self regulated learners.
  • Implement a variety of professional development opportunities for all teachers in  the areas of number sense, computation and problem solving which are designed to increase student performance.
  • Promote data-driven recursive review
  • Provide research based interventions with explicit and systematic instruction  for all learners through the RTI process.

Interventions for the campus Include:

  • ST Math
  • Dreambox Learning
  • Focused Math Intervention
  • eNvision Math Diagnosis and Intervention System 2.0



Through curriculum, instruction, and professional staff development, this department strives to promote life-long mathematicians.


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