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The NAHS Experience

What determines a successful day at NAHS?

While at NAHS, it is imperative that students make informed choices regarding their academics, attendance, and behavior so they can be successful.

In general, for a student’s day to be counted as successful a student must be:

  • Present and on time
  • On task and involved in the learning process
  • Exhibit acceptable behavior; including being in compliance with the dress code

If a student makes a choice that results in a discipline referral and is assigned to In School Suspension (ISS) the day may still be counted as successful if the student completes all assigned work while in ISS and behavior is deemed acceptable. If not, the day will then be counted as unsuccessful.

A student must be at NAHS all day for the day to be considered successful. All absences will need to be made up, regardless of the reason for the absences.

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