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Dress Code


The district has adopted standardized attire for all students enrolled in the Northside Alternative Middle School. All students assigned to the DAEP campus will adhere to the standardized attire requirement.

This consists of the following:

1. Pants: Blue jeans w/ no holes, cuts or slits

2. Shirt: White polo-style collared shirt. (No logos or emblems)

3. Footwear: Socks and athletic shoes must be appropriate for school. (No: boots, dress shoes, slip-ons, flats or sandals)

4. Students are not allowed to carry personal items with the exception of house keys.

The student’s standardized attire must be of proper fit and proper appearance. Violations of the standardized attire will result in the inappropriate items being confiscated and held for release to parents. Items left at the end of the school year will be considered abandoned and will be donated to charity.

The above standardized attire replaces the Northside Independent School District’s dress code for the duration of a student’s assignment to Northside Alternative Middle School.

Final determination of acceptable dress code and grooming rests with the Principal or his/her designees.

In addition, consistent with the Northside ISD District Dress Code (Section D of Student / Parent Handbook), the following are NOT permitted at any time:

1. Hats, bandanas or other headgear;

2. Bags, purses, or backpacks;

3. Unconventional colored, multi-colored, spiked or mohawk hair styles;

4. Head shavings with designs;

5. Body piercing jewelry, other than rings, studs or other traditional jewelry worn in the ear. “Gauges” or “spacers” are not allowed. Tongue rings and/or tongue studs are not permitted.

6. Students must still wear a white polo shirt under a jacket/hoodie sweatshirt.

*The above information is subject to change as new trends in gang-related activities or other societal fashion concerns need to be addressed. Final determination of acceptable dress and grooming rests with the Principal and cannot be appealed. This standardized attire replaces all other schools’ dress code for the duration of a student’s assignment to the Northside Alternative Middle School.

**NOTE TO PARENTS: If your child violates the dress code, a phone call will be made to allow someone to bring a change of clothing. If you are unable to deliver acceptable clothing, your child may be offered a loaner item. If your child refuses to change into the loaner item, disciplinary consequences will be issued. Repeated offenses will result in additional disciplinary consequences, up to and including suspension.

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