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Violence Intervention and Prevention Program

The NAMS Violence Intervention and Prevention Program (VIP) consists of a series of six training sessions. The sessions are led by NAMS staff & community guests who each deliver important information for our students. Each VIP session has a maximum of 20 students. Parents give written permission for their child to participate in the VIP program.  Students who successfully participate in the program will receive a Certificate of Completion. The VIP program consists of the following training sessions:


The Intersection of Drugs and Violence:  Students will discuss the importance of avoiding underage drinking, focusing on the link between drugs, alcohol, and violence.

The Brain and Violence:  Students will understand the brain chemistry and processes behind anger and violence.  During this session, students will be introduced to, and invited to sign, the NAMS Non-Violence Pledge.

Authority Figure Interactions:  NAMS Campus Police Officers will speak to students on the "do's and dont's" of interacting with police officers and other public servants.

Anger Management and Conflict Resolution: Students will learn coping strategies for recognizing and dealing with feelings of anger.

Family Violence / Cyberbullying:  Students will learn the basics of conflict resolution, and will leave the session with strategies to use for resolving conflicts peacefully.


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