Front of Pat Neff Middle School

Report Cards Are Now Available!

Academic Grading System

A – 90-100

B – 80-89

C – 75-79

D – 70-74

F – 69 and below

Students who have not been able to complete course work due to excused absences or other District-approved excuses may be issued an “I” for incomplete.  The incomplete work must be completed prior to the end of the succeeding grading period.  The “I” will make the student ineligible for extra-curricular activities seven days after the end of the previous grading period if the “I” is still on record.  Students with an incomplete in a course regain their eligibility when the “I” is replaced with a passing grade.  Students shall be given a reasonable amount of time to make up work after a grading period has ended.  Incompletes must be removed within thirty (30) days of the end of the school year.

Citizenship Grading System

E – Excellent citizenship displayed in class

S – Satisfactory citizenship displayed in class

N – Citizenship needs to be improved (parent conference requested)

U – Unacceptable citizenship displayed in class (parent conference requested)

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