1000 students to dance at Winter Spectaculars

NISD will hold three Winter Spectaculars this year.

The 12th annual High School Winter (Dance) Spectacular will be on Wednesday, Dec. 11 at Brennan High School and the 2nd annual Middle School Winter (Dance) Spectaculars will be on Wednesday, Dec. 18 and Thursday, Dec. 19 at Stevens High school.

The middle school performances are being split into two evenings to accommodate a growing number of dancers at the middle school level. Schools starting with the letters B through L will be held on Dec. 18, and schools beginning with the letters N through Z will be held Dec. 19.

The events are part of the Fine Arts Holiday Music Series.

More than 540 students from all eleven high schools’ fine arts dance programs will participate at Brennan, and more than 450 students representing all 20 middle schools will make their debut performance at Stevens. The event’s theme this year is “Everyone Dances” and it will feature dancers performing in various genres including ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop to name a few. This year’s high school event will also feature a performance accompanied by renowned flamenco guitarist Alejandro Antonio.

Admission is free but space is limited so arrive early. Doors open at 6:30 pm. Show begins promptly at 7 pm.