27 students earn Texas All-State honors

Twenty seven NISD Fine Arts students from eight high schools were selected to the Texas Music Educators’ Association (TMEA) All-State Band, Choir, Orchestra, and Jazz bands.

All-State is the highest individual honor that a music student can receive in public school music education. It represents the top one percent of students who have demonstrated a mastery of schools over three intense auditions. Over 5,000 students competed for 450 chairs. Six NISD students were selected as “first chairs” in their respective divisions.

Students will rehearse and perform with nationally-recognized conductors during the TMEA Music Convention to be held in San Antonio in February. Visit the TMEA website for concert information.

Brandeis HS

Emma Mati, Choir

Kelsey Xie, Choir

Ian Aigner-Varox, Band

Connor Castillo, Band

Antonio Jasiczek, Band

Eric Jin, Band

Adam Kuhn, Band

Nicholas Garcia-Hettinger, Orchestra

Cipriano Valdez-Bell

Brennan HS

Joshua Salmon, Jazz Band

Clark HS

Esther Ko, Orchestra

Health Careers HS

Macy Drew, Choir

Lindsey Ran, Orchestra

Elisabeth Wang, Orchestra

Brian Kang, Orchestra

Marshall HS

Klint Fabian, Choir

Benjamin Updike, Band

O’Connor HS

Chidy Odita-Honnah, Jazz Band

Austin Perry, Jazz Band

Kat Pina, Choir

Camilla Wickman, Choir

Matthew Whyte, Choir

Taft HS

Isabelle Bulen, Choir

Katie Bulen, Choir

Julian Canales, Choir

Warren HS

Joseph Garza, Jazz Band

Anneliese Sandoval, Choir

Teachers are Anna Osterman, Richard Herrera, and Kevin Garcia-Hettinger, Brandeis HS; Thomas Kober, Brennan HS; Teresa Nguyen, Clark HS; Mark Martin and Jennifer Clark, Health Careers HS; Sherry Millican and Kevin Tabb, Marshall HS; Jeffrey Thames and Roland Sandoval, O’Connor HS; Judy Welch, Taft HS; and Colin Varville and Raul Rodriguez, Warren HS.