6 Fine Arts groups finalists for F.A.M.E. Awards

Six Northside ISD high school Fine Arts groups are finalists for the 5th annual Junior League of San Antonio F.A.M.E. Awards and will earn grants for their school Fine Arts programs.

Finalists will perform at the F.A.M.E. Awards at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 7 at Laurie Auditorium. First place performances will earn $2,000 grants, second place will earn $750, and third place will earn $250. Performance categories are Dance, Instrumental, Theatrical, and Vocal.

Students from San Antonio-area high schools are eligible to compete and finalists were selected by judges with expertise in each discipline.

Northside ISD Finalists are:


Brandeis HS – Kylie Callaway, Sofia Cantu, Emily Doerr, Allie Espinosa, Ayla Freeberg, Faith Garcia, Jazzmyn Hollister, Alexandra Jordan, Gwendolyn Lopez, Elizabeth McFarlane, Molly Pierce, Madison Plata, Abbigail Quick, Mia Salazar, Grace Sattem, and Ash
Warren HS – Kayleigh White, Katarina Bosquez, Taylor Almanza, Jordan Davis, Nicholas Torres, Victoria Valencia, Jillian Duplessis, Karina Infantino, Jasmine Richardson, Salma Shannon, and Abigail Newbold


Holmes HS – Trinity Flores, Biana Leyva, Carisa Cintron, Angela Ortiz, Adriana Serna, Jesus Ortiz, Antonio Moreno, Rameses Rangel, Abraham Moncada, Humberto Garcia, Adison Aguirre, Marisela Rodriguez, Abigail Lopez, and Luis Avellaneda


Brennan HS – Brandon Chantrill, Elizabeth Ramirez, Makayla Rodriguez, Olivia Kimbrell, Solomon Soto, Ashley Riccardi, Kayla Tejeda-Terry, Alejandra Wagnon, Samuel Lewis, Matthew Carmona, Ashlee Shields, Reese Medrano, Diana Contreras, Anthony Ruiz Jr., Ma


Brandeis HS – Luke Villaroya and Kevin Engel
Taft HS – Katie Bulen and Faith Bulen

Instructors are Jackie Aguirre and Gabriel Fuentes, Brandeis HS; Vanessa Garcia, Brennan HS; Aaron Rios, Holmes HS; Amanda Pyle and Judy Welch, Taft HS; and Marla Reynolds, Warren HS.

There is no charge to attend the F.A.M.E. Awards and parking is free. The Laurie Auditorium is on the campus of Trinity University at 1 Trinity Place, 78212.

F.A.M.E. stands for Funding Arts and Music Education and the Junior League F.A.M.E. Committee recognizes San Antonio-area youth in the performing arts.

Last year, Northside ISD Fine Arts students from Brandeis, Clark, and Warren high schools earned a total of $6,750 in grants for their programs.

Visit the Junior League of San Antonio and the FAME Awards website for more information.