7 Fine Arts groups finalists for F.A.M.E. Awards

Seven Northside ISD high school Fine Arts groups are finalists for the 4th annual Junior League of San Antonio Margaret Tobin F.A.M.E. Awards and will earn grants for their schools Fine Arts programs.

Finalists will perform at the F.A.M.E. Awards at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 8 at Laurie Auditorium. First place performances will earn $2,000 grants, second place will earn $750, and third place will earn $250. Performance categories are Dance, Instrumental, Theatrical, and Vocal.

Students from San Antonio-area high schools are eligible to compete and finalists were selected by judges with expertise in each discipline.

Northside ISD Finalists are:


Louis D. Brandeis HS – Lauren Cadena, Kylie Callaway, Sofia Cantu, Madeline Craig, Allie Espinoza, Ayla Freeberg, Jazzmyn Hollister, Chelsea Irias, Gwendolyn Lopez, Elizabeth McFarlane, Mya Pepito, Molly Pierce, Abbigail Quick, Andrea Reyes, Zhailia Rodriguez, and Mia Salazar

Brandeis ballet company students posing with teacher, three rows in costume, against brick wall

Tom C. Clark HS – Erin Tillmann and Victoria Gorena

2 Clark HS dancers posing in costume against brick wall

Earl Warren HS – Bree Acevedo, Taylor Almanza, Deidre Blake, Katarina Bosquez, Sofia Cardova, Jordan Davis, Melissa Flores, Chayanne Martinez, Sierra Medina, Abigail Newbold, Elizabeth Perales, Ariana Ramirez, Kyara Sumpter, Isabel Torres, Xochilt Trevino, and Kayleigh White

Warren HS Majestics dance team posing on rocks near waterfall in costume


Louis D. Brandeis HS – Simon Phoa, Nicholas Garcia-Hettinger, Matthew Messick, Kelsey Smith, Gloria Wu, Alan Brown, Jingsi Zhou, Cy Valdez-Bell, Natalie Munoz, Andrea Reyes, Jieli Huang, Catherine Kline, and Elaine Zhang

Brandeis HS instrumental students posing with instruments, looking up at camera


William Howard Taft HS – Julia Marino, Fernando Frias, Nickolas Koch, Quenton Babineaux, Colton Barnhart, Rebekka Broyles, Carlos Amya, Hallie Borden, Joshua Simonek, Derik Green, Aerie Samudio, Hunter Lyke-Ho-Gland, Simon De Leon, and Eliana Sifuentes

Taft HS theatre students posing in group shot, three rows, wearing red t-shirts

Earl Warren HS – Gabe Ortega, Julietta Zarate, Tyler Gonzolas, and Brian Richards

4 actors from Warren HS posing on stage in costume


William Howard Taft HS – Katie Bulen and Julian Canales

Instructors are Jackie Aguirre and Kevin Garcia-Hettinger, Brandeis HS; Lauren Smith, Clark HS; Amanda Pyle, Taft HS; and Cody Eoff and Marla Reynolds, Warren HS.

There is no charge to attend the F.A.M.E. Awards and parking is free. The Laurie Auditorium is on the campus of Trinity University at 1 Trinity Place, 78212.

F.A.M.E. stands for Funding Arts and Music Education and the Junior League F.A.M.E. Committee recognizes San Antonio-area youth in the performing arts.

Last year, Northside ISD Fine Arts students from Brandeis, Clark, and Warren high schools earned a total of $3,750 in grants for their programs.

Visit the Junior League of San Antonio and the FAME Awards website for more information