Adams Hill ES Patriot Pantry provides nutritional support

The Patriot Pantry is open for business at Adams Hill Elementary School.

Thanks to a $5,000 National PTA COVID Relief Fund grant, the school is now able to offer additional nutritional support through a campus-based food pantry.

It’s a dream come true for school counselor Kimberly Gaskill who was instrumental in writing the grant application and has always wanted to do more to help families.

“In the spring, I delivered food to some of our families at home,” Gaskill said. “One little girl saw the items and said, ‘mom, we don’t have to eat ketchup soup tonight.’ None of my babies will have to eat like that if we can help them. If they’re worried about their next meal, how can they do their best in school?”           

The pantry closet is stocked with items like cereal, peanut butter, soup, rice, beans, and pasta.

Adams Hill families are able to request help from the Patriot Pantry once a month through an online form. They receive a recyclable bag full of non-perishable food, hygiene kits, and a gift card to purchase perishable items like milk, eggs, and bread. School supplies are also available and the grant funded the purchase of an additional cabinet.

“We’ve always helped our families, but this allows us to do even more,” says principal Annette Castillo-Robinson.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the school has been a Grab and Go meal distribution site and has hosted the San Antonio Food Bank. The Patriot Pantry began serving families in early September.

“This is one more stepping stone to make a difference,” Gaskill said. “It shows families that the school is here for them and we’ll help meet their needs.”

Folks and Rudder middle schools also received $5,000 COVID Relief Grants from National PTA.

Visit the National PTA website to learn more about COVID Relief Grants.