Bad weather makeup day set for June 7

On January 16, NISD closed schools due to bad weather conditions and safety considerations. Due to state law and the required 75,600 minutes of instruction time needed each year, that day will need to be made up.

NISD is announcing that students will make up that day on Thursday, June 7. Originally the first makeup day on the calendar was set for Monday, Feb. 19; however, that day had already been slated for staff development and special presenters and plans were already in place. It was determined to designate the second makeup day on the calendar, which is June 7. Feb. 19 will remain a student holiday.

“Please know that much thought and conversation has gone into this decision, said Dr. Brian Woods, Superintendent. “ While I know there will be many opinions, the decision was made in what I believe is the best interest of our students and staff.”