Bond dollars create great learning spaces

What's the impact on teaching and learning?


Typically, when one hears about bond dollars they may think about brick and mortar construction. They think about buildings being built.

“But these buildings exist to facilitate high quality teaching and learning, that’s the purpose of these renovations,” says Dr. Brian Woods, NISD Superintendent. 

“It’s not just simply to knock down a 50-year-old building and renovate it but rather to create instructional spaces that allow teachers to do what they do best and our students to learn as best as possible,” Woods adds.

A significant amount of the funds being used in this bond proposal affects career and technology education programs. NISD offers over 100 career and technology programs for students, all of them aimed at post-high school, high wage, high employment work. This could mean work that puts someone through college and eventually gets them to a high wage job or someone who goes straight into the workforce. These options are available for all NISD students. 

“When we think of bonds we shouldn’t think so much of the buildings that they create but rather the opportunities and great learning spaces they create for our teachers and their students, Woods says.” (View video here)


Magnet Schools

NISD continues to expand choices for students. Magnet learning spaces will be customized and created to reinforce magnet focus and to foster student collaboration.

Three new middle school magnet schools are also proposed in Bond 2022. Stinson Middle School will focus on Exercise and Sports Medicine, Jordan Middle School will focus on Digital Media and Design, and Hobby Middle School will focus on Medical and Health. 

Currently, NISD has ten magnet schools, eight magnet high schools and two magnet middle schools. The newest magnet high school will open this coming school year. CAST Teach High School, which will be located on the Stevens High School campus, will prepare the next generation of educational leaders.

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