Club LT students explore culinary careers

“Who is patient?” asked Warren High School culinary arts teacher Dawn Hoyack. “They will be the ones most successful at making crepes.”

The question was posed to a group of Club LT students from Jordan Middle School as they gathered in the Warren kitchen for a lesson on crepe-making.

At the middle school level, the Learning Tree after-school enrichment program is called Club LT. This fall five Club LT programs participated in a Skillet Juniors culinary arts curriculum.

The six-week program included 4 visits to high school culinary kitchens and 2 field trips to restaurants and community colleges. It is funded by a high school completion grant from the San Antonio Area Foundation and offers students the opportunity to explore two career options. The fall program, Skillet Juniors, focuses on culinary arts while the spring program, Cloud LT, will focus on IT including computer maintenance, cybersecurity, and networks.

“The teacher and high school students are so nice,” said sixth grader Alexander Parks. “I’ll be kinda sad when this ends. I like the putting together (recipes) part and combining flavors.”

Each student made their own crepe in a frying pan, flipped it if they were especially brave, and then ate their work topped with fresh fruit and Nutella hazelnut spread.

Previous visits included lessons on exotic fruits and vegetables and students sharpened their skills in knife etiquette and even made their own salad dressing.

“I like being able to learn about culinary arts,” said sixth grader Isabella Hernandez. “For sure, I want to take it in high school.”

The Learning Tree after-school enrichment program is offered at all Northside elementary and middle schools.

For more information or to enroll an elementary or middle school student, visit the Learning Tree website.

High school student helping two middle school students with flipping crepes

Pictured are Jordan MS sixth grader Riely Duran, Warren HS senior Christian Sepulveda, and Jordan sixth grader Xander Murray.