Deaf dancers to perform Friday, July 28

For the last 21 years, the San Antonio Deaf Dance Company has provided deaf and hard of hearing students from the San Antonio area with an outlet to express themselves through dance. The Company is will hold a public performance Friday, July 28 at 7 p.m. in the Marshall High School Auditorium, 8000 Lobo Lane. Admission is free but donations are accepted.

Every summer, the one-of-a-kind leadership program for middle and high school deaf and hard of hearing students hosts a month-long dance camp where participants learn new dance routines from guest choreographers.  

“My favorite part of watching the kids, is seeing the huge transformation within them from year to year,” says Director Carol Ann Broderson. “I really think they just want to show their parents, family, peers and the community that they are just like any other person. They are proud of themselves and who they are as Deaf individuals.”

Students are learning routines that range from hip hop to lyrical dance. The performers and choreographers are hearing impaired, and though they cannot hear the music, it is not a barrier. They can feel the vibrations of the bass in the music, amplified through large speakers. Choreographers teach the steps to counts, and then repeat them over and over so that students can memorize the routines.

“It is always a special and emotional evening to watch these amazing students do something that many of us probably thought might be a little tough to do,” says Dr. Brian Woods, superintendent. “They show us that if you have a passion for something, anything is possible.”

Watch this NISD-TV video to learn more about the Company’s past performances.

Deaf dance students rehearing for their upcoming dance performance

Pictured are students rehearsing for the upcoming performance.