Delsin (Del) Sanders

On April 22, 2017, O’Connor High School hosted an official Fiesta event, the 5K Run/Walk for Autism, sponsored by Any Baby Can. At the same time, a group of JROTC cadets and their instructors were having an early morning drill practice in preparation for a national competition on the drill pad at the back of the campus, which was along the run path.

During the run, a group of women ran toward the students shouting they needed a medic. While one student ran into the building to get an AED, Delsin (Del) Sanders, a senior, ran to a female-run participant who was on the ground seemingly unconscious. After quickly accessing the situation and realizing the woman had no pulse. Cadet Sanders began administering CPR. He continued for several minutes, while other runners, his instructors, and fellow cadets looked on until paramedics arrived. Paramedics were able to revive the woman using an AED and transported her to the hospital where it was determined she had suffered a heart attack. She was treated for almost five weeks before being released.

For his quick thinking, calmness under pressure, and for being an example of the embodiment of the NISD Pillars of Character,  Cadet Sanders was presented the prestigious Northside Citizenship Award.