District clothes closet benefits all NISD students in need of clothing support

Dr. Brian Woods, NISD Superintendent, recently received a first-hand look at the District clothes closet, “Northside Threads: For Families by Families,” a new initiative by the NISD Family Engagement program.

“In Northside, we want to help the whole child which includes making sure  they have food to eat and feel comfortable in what they are wearing to school,” says Dr. Brian Woods, NISD Superintendent. “It is just one of the ways that we want to help our families outside of the classroom setting, and I’m really excited to see the generosity of our employees and community.”

Working in campuses with families from all walks of life, Family Engagement Coordinator Yolanda Chapman and other NISD staff members realized that clothing is often a struggle for families and wished there was something within the District that could service all campuses.

In September 2017, the Family Engagement Program was moved to a new location at 5233 Blessing where they could create a Family Engagement Center. Being in a new place with extra space allowed the department to finally start working to make this dream a reality.

From that dream “NISD Threads” was born. It will serve every campus and family in the District that needs clothing support.

NISD employees are being asked to donate clothes, especially new underwear and socks, for children ages 4 to 18.

Donation bins are located at Central Office (5900 Evers Road), Northside Activity Center (7001 Culebra Road), Northside Learning Center (6632 Bandera Road, Bldg. A), and Student Services (5651 Grissom Road). Donations can also be dropped off at the Family Enrichment Center.

“Northside Threads is an initiative that is driven and manned by parent volunteers,” said Lisa Turner, director of State and Federal Programs. “Volunteers are needed, so if you have a student needing volunteer hours or if you would like to participate, contact the Center.”

Click here to learn more about this initiative and how you can volunteer and get involved with helping students dress for success.