Information from the Special Education Department

We know that in-person instruction is the best option for many of our students who receive special education services and we cannot wait to see them face to face again as soon as it is deemed safe! In the meantime, we will do our best to offer high-quality options through distance learning. With new tools the district will provide teachers, we will see a marked improvement over what we accomplished in the spring.

For both face to face and distance learning options, student schedules for specialized instruction will mirror those of the general education schedules. For students in a co-teach setting, students will attend the whole group instruction and then may have additional support time with the special education teacher as outlined in their IEP. Attendance procedures will be the same for all students.

Students will receive speech, dyslexia, and other services in both remote learning and face to face instruction. Speech therapy will occur during the instructional day and will be in a virtual, synchronous (live) format.  

While we are in district-wide remote teaching, we will continue to follow the Continuity Plan created in the spring. If a parent selects distance learning for their child, an ARD meeting will be convened to discuss the schedule of services. 
You can expect communication from your child’s campus during the week of August 17-21 regarding what IEP supports will look like for the duration of distance learning. Please share your thoughts and concerns on what works best for your student so that we can work collaboratively to ensure that your student’s IEP is implemented to the fullest extent possible.

You can help your child get ready for school by talking to them about wearing a face covering and practicing social distancing and to listen to their questions or concerns. Setting up a place to work and a daily schedule will help them stay focused and engaged during remote instruction. 

The Parent Hotline (210-398-2522) continues to be available for assistance Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Please refer to the Q&A section on the District’s Back to School webpage for updated information.