It’s back to school for 106,000 students and 7,600 teachers

The first day of school doesn’t just happen without a lot of planning by dedicated campus administrators, teachers, and support staff. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at some of the things that took place to let NISD students know that everyone was excited to see them on the first day. #ThisIsNorthside

Adams Hill staff hit the streets
Staff at Adams Hill Elementary School participated in a community drive with teams assigned to various neighborhoods to deliver goodie bags to students and their families. Bags included pencils, Patriot Perks, coloring books, water, popsicles, and school information. Participants reported back that it was a great way to get students excited about the new school year.

Pictured from Adams Hill Elementary School are Margot Sarabia, Leticia Gasaway, Kaleb Mumoz, Melissa Ramirez, Janie Evans, Phyllis Watkins, Cindy Navarro, and Tamie Guffey.

Communication to parents is key at Allen ES
Building on their theme “Flying Like an Eagle,” Allen ES visited families to let them know that they want to see them “soar like an Eagle” with good attendance every day. They also did a school call out, collected email addresses for electronic communications, and did push notification through the NISD app.

Pictured is second grade student Sirena Ramos.

Boone meets with parents
Boone ES held two sessions of Meet the Teacher to accommodate parents who work nights. Donuts were served in the morning session and popsicles in the afternoon. They also invited their feeder high school to be part of the festivities.

Pictured with members of the Clark HS cheerleading squad and the Boone Mustang are Lucy Gomez, former admin intern and current vice principal at Driggers ES; Principal Manuela Haberer, and Marty Ortega, vice principal.