Lots of summer learning opportunities in Northside Schools

Lots of summer learning opportunities in Northside Schools

When the bell rings on June 6, the teaching and learning does not stop.

NISD offers an array of Summer School opportunities as a way to catch up in your studies, learn something new, or try to get ahead.

NISD offers a wide variety of courses, including regular high school summer programs for remediation and acceleration, programs for middle and elementary school, and state mandated programs. There are also a number of enrichment courses and camps that allow students to explore and have fun while learning something new.

Elementary and Middle School students
Some students may be eligible for a tuition-free summer school program. At the elementary level, students in K-4 will be eligible if they are retained, and at the middle school level, students are eligible if they fail two or three core academic courses. Additionally, fifth and eighth grade students who failed the reading or math section of the STAAR exam will be offered summer accelerated instruction prior to the summer retesting dates.

High School students
Tuition-based Summer High School will be held at Stevens High School for students needing to accelerate the accumulation of credits or to retrieve a lost credit. Accelerated Instruction for students who fail an End of Course test will be available tuition free at each comprehensive high school.

Summer Enrichment Programs
Summer enrichment programs are offered at various sites across the district. Most secondary schools offer a "transition camp" for incoming 6th and 9th graders. Contact your middle or high school for more information. Summer enrichment programs are sponsored by such departments as: State Compensatory Education, Special Education, Fine Arts, Bilingual/ESL and Adult and Community Education

For additional information and course offerings, go to http://www.nisd.net/schools/summer.