Mead artists bring art to life

What started out as an idea of camouflaging in the fall, became an end of the year project with the fifth grade Art Club at Mead ES.

Art Teacher Cruz Ramirez created a zebra painting which included herself as part of the art piece. The students loved it, so some girls in the club were asked to investigate flowers from their own countries. The two “finale Pieces” were featured for the whole school to enjoy.

Pictured is teacher Michael De Leon art part of the picture.

Pictured is 5th grade student Lara Htoo as part of the painting.

Pictured are (from l-r front row) Isaiah Fingerhut, Noora Mahmood, U Luis Stress, Manahil Ansari, and Hang Nguyen; and (back row) Michael De Leon, Lara Htoo (flower), Nuong Nguyen, and Rowan Mahal.