Meet the namesake of Kallison Elementary School

“This is Northside” provides an in-depth introduction to the namesake of Kallison Elementary School.

Nathan Kallison was a path-breaking innovative rancher and agriculturist on the 2,700-acre land he owned that is now part of Northside ISD and Government Canyon State Natural Area. His mission was to share scientifically advanced and effective techniques in farming and ranching to the entire South Texas area. In addition, Kallison was a well-known and successful merchant in downtown San Antonio.

At age 17, Kallison immigrated from czarist Russia and came to San Antonio via Chicago in 1899. With a $300 investment, he opened a saddlery and harness shop which grew into a unique and legendary farm and ranch store, becoming the largest supplier of related goods in the Southwest. Kallison’s Store in downtown San Antonio became a crossroads for literally thousands of farmers and ranchers in the area.

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