NISD announces added student early dismissal days for teacher planning time

Early dismissal days allow more teacher planning time with teacher at her desk working

We are in the midst of a school year unlike any other. For Northside teachers, the challenges are especially demanding as they must balance the academic needs of both in-person and virtual learners.

“Our teachers have shown remarkable flexibility and creativity in approaching this new way of teaching and learning, but it has become clear that we need to provide additional support,” said Dr. Brian Woods, Superintendent. “Their workloads have changed dramatically from a normal school year, yet they still have the same amount of planning time.”

“We believe the quality of instruction will improve with teachers having more time to prepare quality lessons, develop assessments, analyze student data, and collaborate as a professional learning community,” he added.  

This week, the NISD Board of Trustees approved changes to the District’s 2020-2021 school calendar that will give teachers more time for planning.

Beginning in January 2021, six Teacher Planning Time/Student Early Dismissal Days have been added to this year’s school calendar. On these days, teachers at every level will have an additional three hours of planning time. The dates are Wednesdays on Jan. 13, Jan. 27, Feb. 24, March 24, April 28, and May 19.

Elementary schools will dismiss at 11:45 a.m., middle schools at 12:40 p.m., and high schools at 1 p.m. For families who need it, adult supervision will be available at all elementary schools, so students can remain on campus until the end of the normal school day. Learning Tree will also be available at traditional times.

“We understand that by providing this additional time for teachers, it affects our families too, so we wanted to give you time to prepare and address questions about transportation, meals, and supervision,” Woods explained.

“We appreciate your partnership and understanding as we work together to support our students and teachers in Northside ISD,” said Woods.

For additional information, click below for a list of Frequently Asked Questions, or contact the principal at your child’s school.