NISD employees recognized for milestones of service to NISD students

NISD employees recognized for milestones of service to NISD students

More than 800 employees are celebrating milestones this year, with a combined 12,790 years of service to the children of NISD. 

Typically, on-campus celebrations and a big District Recognition and Retirement event are held this month to commemorate both years of service and retirements, but of course, this is not a typical year. 

The District hopes to reschedule the District-wide recognition for early fall if possible.

“Recognizing the achievements, dedication, and milestones of our employees has never been more important than now because of these unprecedented times,” said Dr. Brian Woods, Superintendent. “Our employees have shown tremendous tenacity, strength, grit, and determination this year as they adapted to a ‘new normal,’ changed duties, and better outcomes.”  

Two employees reaching a 50-year milestone are Sharyl Falgoust, Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources; and Evangeline Riojas, a counselor at Passmore Elementary School. 

“Northside is and will always be a very important part of my life,” says Falgoust. “This is where I began a career and with the guidance of several wonderful supervisors, I would bloom and grow.  Having worked a short time in the private sector, there is no comparison to the opportunities I have had while raising my family.”

Northside ISD is a family business for Falgoust as three of her four children plus a daughter-in-law are also District employees.

In addition, two employees are celebrating 45 years of service: Penelope Halpenny, Transportation Department; and Frank Leal, Villarreal Elementary School.

Others celebrating milestones include nine employees celebrating 40 years; 20 employees with 35 years; 47 employees with 30 years; 293 employees with 20 years; and 427 employees with 10 years. 

Teresa Tattersall, Spanish teacher and World Language Department Coordinator at Brennan High School is celebrating 30 years. “How do you hold on to all those good memories when they go by in a whirl?” she exclaimed. “I’ve never regretted my decision to stay in NISD all these years; it has been well worth it.”

"I am thankful to Northside for giving me the opportunity to carry out my passion for teaching," said Belynda McKenzie, a kindergarten teacher at Kuentz Elementary School who is also celebrating 30 years. "Watching the little ones discover, grow, and shine is without a doubt the best thing to witness."

We thank all of our dedicated employees for their service and commitment to the children of Northside ISD. 

View those celebrating 10 years

Last Name First Name MI Location
Martinez-Apolinar Rosio E. Academic Technology Dept.
Field Mary A. Adams Hill ES
Wimberly Maria T. Adams Hill ES
Sanchez Jose L. Adult & Community Ed. Dept.
Tovar Gabriel   Adult & Community Ed. Dept.
Valdez-Duarte Anita   Adult & Community Ed. Dept.
Iracheta Elizabeth M. Allen ES
Urie Jessica D. Allen ES
Gamboa Javier   Aquatics Dept.
Salazar Matthew T. Aquatics Dept.
Jones Matthew R. Athletics Dept.
Almanza Sonia   Athletics Dept.
Garcia Rogerio E. Athletics Dept.
Bruno Angela N. Aue ES
Flores Jennifer R. Aue ES
Ramos Stephanie P. Aue ES
Haugh Lakeisha   Beard ES
Herrera Jessica L. Beard ES
Knight Natalie N. Beard ES
Felan Michael   Behlau ES
Jay Michelle D. Behlau ES
Larson Margaret K. Behlau ES
Mendez Jose A. Bernal MS
Mora Candace M. Bernal MS
Jonasz Rosa E. Bilingual & ESL Dept.
Buchman Haley W. Blattman ES
Macias Raymond   Blattman ES
Galaviz Laura L. Boldt ES
Garcia Jessica M. Boldt ES
Raymond Alyssa H. Boldt ES
Waite Amy E. Boldt ES
Harrington Mary E. Boldt ES
Coffey Jennifer C. Boone ES
Hilbrich Jennifer A. Boone ES
Martin Felisha E. Boone ES
Arellano Lizbeth   Brandeis HS
Caddell Brynn E. Brandeis HS
Chudej-Garcia Jill K. Brandeis HS
Cisneros Maria D. Brandeis HS
Lumley Monica D. Brandeis HS
Mangiafico James E. Brandeis HS
Mireles Joseph   Brandeis HS
Osterman Anna E. Brandeis HS
Pena Erika D. Brandeis HS
Rios Loretta P. Brandeis HS
Rossell Aaryn K. Brandeis HS
Wilson Thomas N. Brandeis HS
Rodriguez Samantha J. Braun Station ES
Garcia Laura G. Brennan HS
Gonzales Monica L. Brennan HS
Guidry Cynthia M. Brennan HS
Herbst Michele A. Brennan HS
Mu Loescher Ngang E. Brennan HS
Owen Michael S. Brennan HS
Sachs Amy L. Brennan HS
Saldana Veronica   Brennan HS
Sherburne Patrick H. Brennan HS
Taylor Laura A. Brennan HS
Ugarte Alejandra L. Brennan HS
Cavallin Karen A. Briscoe MS
Cedio John   Briscoe MS
Graf Rebecca   Briscoe MS
Juchemich Jason P. Briscoe MS
Lopez Alma G. Briscoe MS
Marin Iris A. Briscoe MS
Moitzheim Deidra A. Briscoe MS
Walker Gordon D. Briscoe MS
Mendoza Melinda   Budget & Finance Dept.
Leyva Adriana M. Business Technology Dept.
Campbell Maria N. Cable ES
Maciel Jennifer   Cable ES
Maldonado Candace M. Cable ES
Munoz Alexandra   Cable ES
Bernal Linda   Carlos Coon ES
Santisteban Patricia A. Carlos Coon ES
Ortega Tania T. Carnahan ES
Andrews Wendy A. Carson ES
Chavarria Clarissa   Carson ES
Lozano Lisa M. Carson ES
O'Brien Catherine   Carson ES
Ramirez Joe A. Child Nutrition Dept.
Solis Edmundo A. Child Nutrition Dept.
Garcia John M. Child Nutrition Dept.
Marasigan Lerma G. Child Nutrition Dept.
Connally Serena D. Clark HS
Edwards Evie M. Clark HS
Gore Eric J. Clark HS
Larson Alexia D. Clark HS
Lennox Holly A. Clark HS
Lopez Matthew A. Clark HS
Martinez Kimberly   Clark HS
Mc Gowin Jill E. Clark HS
Sainz Lucia M. Clark HS
Sattler Jason E. Clark HS
Shanley Sarita O. Clark HS
Weil Christopher   Clark HS
Zambrano Ramona L. Clark HS
Deleon Elizabeth R. Cody ES
Ojeda Gabriela   Cody ES
Young Alison F. Cody ES
Anzaldua Veronica Y. Cole ES
Berry Leticia R. Cole ES
Bosnic Melissa S. Cole ES
Parsley Sandra R. Cole ES
Stone Rose M. Cole ES
Alaniz Robert   Colonies North ES
Harsh Susanna I. Colonies North ES
Horton Melissa E. Colonies North ES
Delgado Dora M. Communications Arts HS
Alcocer Rosemary O. Connally MS
Workman Kelly E. Connally MS
Cortes Helena A. Curriculum & Instruction Dept.
Zamudio Lilia A. Curriculum & Instruction Dept.
Buenfil Bernice G. Curriculum & Instruction Dept.
Perez Jessica A. Driggers ES
Herrera Gina M. Ellison ES
Sanchez Jo Ann   Ellison ES
Trice Jemonn K. Ellison ES
Hartmann Karen E. Elrod ES
Huguenin Joanna D. Elrod ES
Garcia Jennifer M. Esparza ES
Apodaca Alison L. Evers ES
Duran Sulema M. Evers ES
Gonzales Isabel C. Evers ES
Verastegui Valerie A. Evers ES
Alonso Judy A. Facilities & Operations Dept.
Myklebust Chelsie L. Fernandez ES
Ashouri Leticia   Fields ES
Guzman Maria D. Fields ES
Mora Blanca E. Fields ES
Perez Maria I. Fields ES
Pressley-Hughes Ashley M. Fields ES
D Souza Cynthia M. Fisher ES
Hale Maria E. Fisher ES
Hopkins Karilisa   Fisher ES
Norton Rosanna V. Fisher ES
Quintero Rhapsody   Fisher ES
Rodriguez Blanca E. Fisher ES
Scott Ludgeria   Fisher ES
Dimitriu Simona D. Folks MS
Ireland Carolyn E. Folks MS
Young Kimberly A. Folks MS
Arroyo Kimberly N. Franklin ES
Castner Kurt M. Franklin ES
Moreno Jenna   Franklin ES
Petty Priscilla   Franklin ES
Ruiz Kathryn M. Franklin ES
Chenault Brandon T. Galm ES
Castillo Joel G. Garcia MS
Minnis Julie A. Garcia MS
Olvera Lesley Z. Garcia MS
Apps Michelle L. Glass ES
Dunlop Eloise A. Glass ES
Garza Maria F. Glass ES
Harmon Elizabeth A. Glenn ES
Johannessen Kelly D. Glenn ES
Jurado Priscilla M. Glenn ES
Mendez Janette Febo   Glenn ES
Rosales Esther X. Glenn ES
Valdez Courtney A. Glenn ES
Barnes Edward H. Glenoaks ES
Carreon Leticia   Glenoaks ES
Swenson Kimberly   Glenoaks ES
Aguilar Gabriela   Harlan HS
Clarson Mandy C. Harlan HS
Merlo Kristi L. Harlan HS
Nieto Rosalinda P. Harlan HS
Padilla Pedro F. Harlan HS
Peche Jacquelynn   Harlan HS
Sapp Anita V. Harlan HS
Sierra Jennifer   Harlan HS
Bachman Ayako   Hatchett ES
Castillo Ashley N. Hatchett ES
Freemyer Nicole M. Hatchett ES
Villarreal Darrell J. Hatchett ES
Briers Ulrike J. Health Careers HS
Jasso Patricia   Health Careers HS
Rocha Kathleen M. Health Careers HS
Tejeda Edmond C. Health Careers HS
Finley Vicki L. Health Services Dept.
Almaraz Erica   Helotes ES
Perello Megan J. Helotes ES
Vasquez Richard R. Helotes ES
Herrera Jessica   Henderson ES
Palos Norma S. Henderson ES
Countryman Rachel M. Hobby MS
Kite Natalie M. Hobby MS
Espinoza Jose L. Hoffmann ES
Hernandez Jose L. Holmes HS
Lopez Dolores A. Holmes HS
Quinones Benjamin L. Holmes HS
Serrano Deborah A. Holmes HS
Suarez Laura C. Holmes HS
Crittenden Jeanette E. Howsman ES
Juarez Henrietta   Howsman ES
Martinez Kristine C. Howsman ES
Patrick Angelica   Howsman ES
Edwards Anthony   Infrastructure Services Dept.
Herrera Munoz Ana L. Infrastructure Services Dept.
Wallace Maria H. Infrastructure Services Dept.
Ware Tracie R. Internal Audit Dept.
Martinez Audry M. Jay HS
Obregon Enrique   Jay HS
Ramirez Sylvia   Jay HS
Reyes George A. Jay HS
Rodriguez Diana   Jay HS
Rodriguez Michael V. Jay HS
Braswell Shana R. Jefferson MS
Guerra Tabatha P. Jefferson MS
Benhalim Veronica L. Jones MS
Ramirez Paul A. Jones MS
Servin Raul R. Jones MS
Anderson Sandra E. Jordan MS
Farias Araceli M. Jordan MS
Gonzalez Martha L. Jordan MS
Perez Tania   Jordan MS
Santos Estela   Jordan MS
Franco Leighanne A. Kallison ES
Osoria Lisa M. Kallison ES
Sitomer Elizabeth J. Kallison ES
Harris Laura J. Knowlton ES
Tobias Laura   Knowlton ES
Vargas Melinda A. Kuentz ES
Witt Dona R. Kuentz ES
Goodman Jane   Langley ES
Krause Whitney E. Leon Springs ES
Shipman Amy L. Leon Springs ES
Booth Veronica C. Leon Valley ES
Davis Sonya M. Leon Valley ES
Galvan-Rodriguez Sarah N. Leon Valley ES
Bartling Karen J. Lewis ES
Burrell Elizabeth G. Lewis ES
Lantz Jessika M. Lewis ES
Ramirez Edwina J. Lewis ES
Arce Cynthia R. Linton ES
Silva Stephanie D. Linton ES
Aleman Lupe   Locke Hill ES
Atkinson Rosanne M. Locke Hill ES
Carrillo Stephanie E. Locke Hill ES
Downs Mirza V. Locke Hill ES
Hultz Patricia A. Locke Hill ES
Singleton Catherine L. Locke Hill ES
Trevino Melissa N. Locke Hill ES
San Miguel Elsie A. Luna MS
Smith Stephanie C. Maintenance Dept.
Alvarado Manuel O. Maintenance Dept.
Leal Joe R. Maintenance Dept.
Rodriguez Joseph A. Maintenance Dept.
Torrez Ernest G. Maintenance Dept.
Perez Eufemio   Maintenance Dept.
Cedillo Denise R. Marshall HS
Garces Hiliana E. Marshall HS
Hawthorne Titus E. Marshall HS
Jaklich Robert A. Marshall HS
Mauricio Leonard R. Marshall HS
Meade Diana L. Marshall HS
Mojica Jennifer E. Marshall HS
Ramirez Andra V. Marshall HS
San Miguel Linda D. Marshall HS
Saunders Aaron P. Marshall HS
Simpkins Caroline B. Marshall HS
Skipper-Franke Leal A. Marshall HS
Sanchez Kristen M. Martin ES
Sanchez Monica L. Martin ES
Kuhfahl Laura J. Mary Hull ES
Webb Hillary L. Mary Hull ES
Gonzalez Armando   May ES
Hall Tori J. May ES
Simecek Page N. May ES
Sims Allison R. May ES
De La Rosa Jennifer G. McAndrew ES
Streifert Patricia J. McAndrew ES
Torres Liza   McAndrew ES
Vierra Julia A. McAndrew ES
Cathey Kathleen J. Mead ES
Garza Grace C. Mead ES
Bolton Kathleen A. Meadow Village ES
Marshall Debra J. Meadow Village ES
Olive-Solano Laurie B. Meadow Village ES
Tezel Angela J. Meadow Village ES
Umpierre Sue Anne   Michael ES
De La Vega Mary   Mireles ES
Hitchman Katherine E. Mireles ES
Huerta Loren N. Murnin ES
Johnson Ann M. Murnin ES
Loyola Raquel   Murnin ES
Martinez Sarah L. Murnin ES
Cantu Sylvia   Myers ES
Finger Margaret A. Myers ES
Rodriguez Marivel C. Myers ES
Aldama-Tristan Jennifer L. Neff MS
Jenkins Alfonzo M. Neff MS
Ruiz James V. Neff MS
Coyle Deborah J. Northside Alternative MS
Tellez Lisa A. Northside Alternative MS
Rangel Meagan L. Oak Hills Terrace ES
Valdez Adrian C. Oak Hills Terrace ES
Bledsoe Robert D. O'Connor HS
Cox Eric L. O'Connor HS
De Jong Susanne   O'Connor HS
Edwards Preston C. O'Connor HS
Garza Abel   O'Connor HS
Henriques Marie A. O'Connor HS
McCluskey William E. O'Connor HS
Naas Jeffrey C. O'Connor HS
Rawlinson Lindsay T. O'Connor HS
Stanchos Amanda M. O'Connor HS
Storrs Emlyn D. O'Connor HS
Vetters David E. O'Connor HS
Weeks Robert M. O'Connor HS
Yzaguirre Leroy   Ott ES
Doucet Sherry E. Partnerships Dept.
Castillo Christian   Passmore ES
Alanis Tanya   Pease MS
Lemes-Jones Tara K. Pease MS
Welch Brian J. Pease MS
Allen Roy   Police Dept.
Lara Michelor A. Police Dept.
Malapo Albert G. Police Dept.
Guillen Sandra M. Powell ES
Sapp Latoya P. Powell ES
Karel Rebecca M. Pupil Personnel Dept.
Laurel Gilda A. Pupil Personnel Dept.
Hester Anthony J. Purchasing & Warehouse Dept.
Smith Ana M. Purchasing & Warehouse Dept.
Dickerson Sarah   Raba ES
Countryman Emily E. Rawlinson MS
Lopez Joshua A. Rawlinson MS
Renker Sophie S. Rawlinson MS
Rogers Halo C. Rawlinson MS
Acevedo Michael A. Rayburn MS
Cavada Camilo C. Rayburn MS
Garza Michael A. Reddix Center
Manning Yvette M. Reddix Center
Mutchler Elizabeth A. Reddix Center
Pettit Donna L. Reddix Center
Vasquez Mary Ann   Reddix Center
Knapp Katrina A. Rhodes ES
Pottenger Stephanie M. Rhodes ES
Streubert Linda   Rhodes ES
Fierro Cecilia   Ross MS
Lazaro Jaime   Ross MS
Sosa Aaron J. Ross MS
Allen Robert M. Rudder MS
Guerra Angelica D. Rudder MS
Wray Jennifer J. Rudder MS
Brooks Ritsuko   Scarborough ES
Debolt Heather M. Scarborough ES
Mejia Brenda R. Scarborough ES
Solis Regina L. Scarborough ES
Theriot Kelli L. Scarborough ES
Chamberlain Diana D. Scobee ES
Elswood Jonathan   Scobee ES
Salvador Brenda M. Scobee ES
Davidson Jennifer C. Special Education Dept.
Hernandez Jana M. Special Education Dept.
Ramblas Elvia R. Special Education Dept.
Garcia Griselda   State & Federal Programs
Sanchez Semona K. State & Federal Programs
Powers Migdalia   Steubing ES
Burrell Tiffany T. Stevens HS
Castillo Julia E. Stevens HS
Graham Jennifer A. Stevens HS
Lasko Christopher P. Stevens HS
Munoz Joslyn G. Stevenson MS
Blount Christi M. Stinson MS
Dullnig-Dominguez Erin A. Stinson MS
Valdez Gina R. Stinson MS
Price Lena M. Student Information Systems
Cook Kimberly Y. Taft HS
Ellis Donald   Taft HS
Hernandez Salena A. Taft HS
Mock Jeff D. Taft HS
Vargas Maribel D. Taft HS
Boggess-Garza Jennifer M. Thornton ES
Dowling Ashley M. Thornton ES
Lozano Susan A. Thornton ES
Razloznik Shellie E. Thornton ES
Harris-Styer Julia A. Timberwilde ES
Legrand Kristin A. Timberwilde ES
Castro Gloria F. Transportation Dept.
Caldwell Flordeliza N. Transportation Dept.
Estrada Ruben A. Transportation Dept.
Tabor Alma T. Transportation Dept.
Munoz Lori A. Transportation Dept.
Martinez Sebastian A. Transportation Dept.
Longoria Adam   Transportation Dept.
Anderson Casey D. Vale MS
Arce Erica   Vale MS
Conyers Jared D. Vale MS
Johnson Dean S. Vale MS
Salas Victoria   Vale MS
Silvas Michael A. Vale MS
Avila Cassie M. Valley HI ES
Cruz Angelita M. Valley HI ES
Galvan Tina G. Valley HI ES
Villarreal Jessica M. Valley HI ES
Whiteside Ann M. Valley HI ES
Mendoza Stephanie   Villarreal ES
Rico Betsy B. Villarreal ES
Shadid Ilham Y. Villarreal ES
Flores-Palos Jessica N. Wanke ES
Medlock Vega Veronica   Wanke ES
Rocha Alma E. Wanke ES
Sheldon Scott M. Wanke ES
Bulsterbaum Lindy M. Ward ES
Cartwright Mercedes   Ward ES
Johnson Pauline S. Ward ES
Miller Pamela J. Ward ES
Porter Rochelle   Ward ES
Villarreal Deborah M. Ward ES
Bippert Brandon M. Warren HS
Merlo Yesenia   Warren HS
Oleary Richard F. Warren HS
Ottey Fernando P. Warren HS
Ramos Cristina   Warren HS
Rogers Lawrence E. Warren HS
Scheopner Heidi C. Warren HS
Smith Kyle R. Warren HS
Trevino Abel D. Warren HS
De Leon Lizette B. Westwood Terrace ES
Valenzuela Jessica   Westwood Terrace ES
Ramirez Elizabeth M. Zachry MS
Rodulfo Roxanne M. Zachry MS
Vargas Arturo   Zachry MS

Total Employees In 10 Year Service Pin Category: 426

View those celebrating 20 years

First Name MI Last Name Location
Maria G. Aguilar Scarborough ES
Elizabeth V. Alcala Esparza ES
Michael D. Alicea Communications Arts HS
Jennifer A. Almaguer Aue ES
Gina M. Anderson Raba ES
Martin C. Araujo Transportation Dept.
Mary Arias Student Services Dept.
Stacie L. Arnold Steubing ES
Jo Ann Arriaga Rayburn MS
Sandra P. Arroyo Warren HS
Mark A. Arvizu Briscoe MS
Dianna Astorga Adams Hill ES
Cynthia Y. Avina GT & Advanced Academics Dept.
Heather M. Baird Henderson ES
Lisa M. Baker Communications Arts HS
Bonita Barrera Beard ES
Evangeline R. Barron Psychological Services Dept.
William C. Barton Warren HS
Katherine M. Bazzani Teaching & Learning Dept.
Eryn Y. Bell Forester ES
Ryan Betts Clark HS
Ursula M. Biela Connally MS
Jennifer Bishop O'Connor HS
Kathleen D. Bonnema Colonies North ES
Anthony M. Bosnic Brandeis HS
Teresa M. Bracey Esparza ES
David E. Braddam O'Connor HS
Cynthia C. Braddock Grants & Recognitions Dept.
Charmaine T. Bride Ott ES
Emory B. Brockway Burke ES
Claudia V. Buech Price Forester ES
Maria E. Buendia Adult & Community Ed. Dept.
Madeline M. Bueno Ott ES
Karen E. Burnett Jones MS
Stephanie J. Cabrera Zachry MS
Linda S. Calderon Krueger ES
Ethan H. Calk Communications Arts HS
Maria L. Calvillo Jefferson MS
Karen L. Camp Zachry MS
Marguerite M. Campa Clark HS
Pierre Camus Los Reyes ES
Eva C. Carreon Fernandez ES
April J. Cary Student Information Systems
Aurora Castaneda Jay HS
Fernando G. Castaneda Thornton ES
Ana M. Castro Holmes HS
Phyllis A. Causey Wanke ES
Miguel A. Cavazos Maintenance Dept.
Cecilia Cerda Glenoaks ES
Carmen L. Cervantes Boone ES
Irma L. Cevallos Helotes ES
Leticia Chapa Martin ES
Debra A. Chessman Behlau ES
Meriam E. Collazo-Garcia Myers ES
Maria T. Contreras-Gaytan Adams Hill ES
Yvonne M. Correa Neff MS
Florence C. Crabtree Jay HS
Jesse G. Cuellar Brandeis HS
Julie A. Daigle Murnin ES
Deirdre S. Daul-Forcum Ross MS
Theodore A. David Stinson MS
Jennifer Davidson Locke Hill ES
Sandra E. Davis O'Connor HS
Leticia M. De La Garza Jefferson MS
Tanya G. De La Vega Mead ES
Anthony G. De Leon Harlan HS
Willie Y. De Los Santos Stinson MS
Patricia M. Delgado Stevenson MS
Jeanette D. Delgado Ward ES
Robert F. Derflinger Maintenance Dept.
Alta R. Dixon O'Connor HS
Rebecca A. Dolan Clark HS
Maria E. Dominguez Glenn ES
Jesse G. Dominguez Jay HS
John A. Dominguez Stevens HS
Marcia Dreiss Adams Hill ES
Adriana Duran Holmgreen Center
Michelle Elizondo Clark HS
Hilda S. Enciso Glenn ES
Yvonne Esquivel Marshall HS
Elsa M. Esquivel O'Connor HS
Neal Fabilenia Information Services Dept.
Adriana Felts Guidance & Counseling Dept.
Diane Fletcher Neff MS
Magdalena Flores Curriculum & Instruction Dept.
Adrian A. Flores Holmes HS
Roger P. Flores Maintenance Dept.
Leticia Flores Villarreal ES
Rhonda L. Fryer Marshall HS
Rita O. Gallegos Health Services Dept.
Maria Gamez Jay HS
Melissa M. Garay-Avila Jefferson MS
Eva M. Garcia Rhodes ES
Kevin M. Garcia-Hettinger Brandeis HS
Christine M. Garza Carson ES
Martina Garza Cody ES
Brenda V. Garza Jefferson MS
Delia A. Garza Marshall HS
Tesilia E. Garza Transportation Dept.
Xavier Garza Vale MS
Robert L. Gause Pease MS
Rhonda E. George Holmgreen Center
Elma Gloria Fields ES
Katherine R. Gomez Jay HS
Maria Gomez Transportation Dept.
Velma M. Gonzales Glenoaks ES
Ronald M. Gonzales Transportation Dept.
Catherine R. Gonzalez Health Careers HS
Diane E. Gonzalez Kallison ES
Patricia S. Gonzalez Leon Valley ES
Hilda G. Gottschalk O'Connor HS
Elisabeth L. Green Connally MS
Pamela L. Guerra Helotes ES
Gracie Guess Timberwilde ES
Glenn D. Gursslin Stevenson MS
Lucia Gutierrez Fisher ES
Lisa L. Gutierrez Forester ES
Rebecca Gutierrez Langley ES
Dorothy M. Gutierrez Valley HI ES
Scott Guzik Boldt ES
Nicholas G. Haidin O'Connor HS
Ronald B. Hall Infrastructure Services Dept.
Cynthia Hansen Infrastructure Services Dept.
Kesha A. Harmon Locke Hill ES
Daniel W. Harmon O'Connor HS
Robert Harris Harlan HS
James C. Heckman Psychological Services Dept.
Mary R. Hernandez Jay HS
Cynthia Hernandez Mead ES
Michelle M. Hernandez Rawlinson MS
Sandra A. Hernandez Stinson MS
Suzy Holland Warren HS
Laurie A. Holmes Special Revenue Dept.
Lisa M. House O'Connor HS
Julie Hyltin Jay HS
Rachel Jahanara Transportation Dept.
Kristina M. James Folks MS
Juan I. Jaquez Human Resources Dept.
Misti M. Kelley Guidance & Counseling Dept.
Nancy S. Kilborn Rawlinson MS
Laura L. Kilgore O'Connor HS
Clarissa M. Kline Beard ES
Linda L. Koch Child Nutrition Dept.
Mary V. Kossaeth Fine Arts Dept.
Samuel L. Kyllingstad Mora ES
Jill A. Laman Warren HS
Mark E. Larson Warren HS
Michael D. Leal Taft HS
Jose R. Leija Glenn ES
Diana M. Lemon Brauchle ES
Laura J. Liesman Fisher ES
Dwayne A. Long Police Dept.
Rosalinda C. Longoria Fernandez ES
Matthew E. Lopez Brandeis HS
Rachel I. Lopez Burke ES
Virginia Lopez Holmgreen Center
George Lopez O'Connor HS
Esther R. Lopez Ott ES
Kimberly R. Lowery Connally MS
Christopher C. Lykins Hobby MS
Katherine S. Lyssy Pease MS
Sally D. Maher Bernal MS
Nadia P. Maldonado Knowlton ES
Oscar J. Malixi Pease MS
Lisa Mann Teaching & Learning Dept.
Sara C. Manning Brandeis HS
John Martin Vale MS
Jeanette P. Mather O'Connor HS
Tina L. Mc Fall Bernal MS
Janice D. McDonald Transportation Dept.
Kimber D. McGann Holmes HS
Sandra J. McGuffin O'Connor HS
Yolanda E. Melchor Transportation Dept.
Susan Melrose Psychological Services Dept.
Joann Mendez Northwest Crossing ES
Christina Mesa Locke Hill ES
Teresita D. Montemayor Library & Textbook Services Dept.
Donna G. Montgomery Warren HS
Bertha G. Montoya Los Reyes ES
Laura L. Moodie Beard ES
Victoria R. Morales Connally MS
Emilia E. Moreno Leon Valley ES
Benjamin J. Muir Human Resources Dept.
Joseph C. Murguia Clark HS
William A. Navin Kallison ES
Ann C. Newman Ward ES
Maria A. Nunez Carlos Coon ES
Katherine R. O'Hare Jordan MS
Dacarie J. O'Neal Teaching & Learning Dept.
Raul Orozco Wanke ES
Jennifer L. Ortega Allen ES
Linda R. Ortiz Holmes HS
Tony J. Ortiz Infrastructure Services Dept.
Zenaida G. Ortiz Jordan MS
Belinda M. Pacheco O'Connor HS
Kenton F. Page Curriculum & Instruction Dept.
Isabel B. Palomares Leon Springs ES
Evangeline M. Parra Transportation Dept.
Jason A. Patmon Transportation Dept.
Jason G. Paul Construction Careers Academy
Israel H. Pena Northside Alternative HS
Jenny A. Pena Wanke ES
Michele Y. Pendley Nichols ES
Elizabeth D. Perdue Glenn ES
Alice P. Perez Brauchle ES
Genoveva Perez Hatchett ES
Rosa G. Perez Meadow Village ES
Nancy Perez Nichols ES
Jennifer L. Piirto Beard ES
Saul A. Pineda Maintenance Dept.
Regina A. Prewitt-Campbell Brennan HS
Andrew T. Przybyla Ott ES
April D. Purcell Krueger ES
Patricia A. Quijano Connally MS
Jesse J. Rabago Police Dept.
Melissa Y. Ramon Carson ES
Delisa R. Ramos Health Careers HS
Lisa E. Rhynes Neff MS
Melisa K. Richard Luna MS
Donna C. Richmond May ES
Lorie A. Rios Transportation Dept.
Christina V. Rivera Brandeis HS
Donna F. Roberts Communications Arts HS
Melissa Robledo-Musquiz Jefferson MS
Donna G. Rocha Luna MS
Renada E. Rodarte Neff MS
Landa S. Rodgers Information Services Dept.
Janie Rodriguez Fields ES
Yolanda R. Rodriguez Transportation Dept.
Carmen L. Rojas Powell ES
Sylvia Rose Reddix Center
Gina L. Rowell Myers ES
Armandina C. Saenz Transportation Dept.
Theodora Salazar Curriculum & Instruction Dept.
Amber Samaniego Behlau ES
Sharon G. Sanchez Grants & Recognitions Dept.
Norma L. Sanchez Los Reyes ES
Shelley L. Schultz Special Education Dept.
Sylvia C. Schwartz Transportation Dept.
Anna M. Sexton Academic Technology Dept.
Amy N. Sierra Lieck ES
Genoveva M. Silva Special Education Dept.
Valerie D. Sisk Warren HS
Jennifer S. Skinner Carson ES
Timothy A. Skogg Hobby MS
Lisa M. Smalls Clark HS
Jason J. Smeby Connally MS
Anne M. Smith O'Connor HS
Linda A. Smith Timberwilde ES
Ryan K. Solis Pease MS
Deborah L. Spears Luna MS
Kimberly D. Spencer Health Services Dept.
David A. Spongberg Psychological Services Dept.
Timothy B. Squyres Library & Textbook Services Dept.
Deborah F. Stanley Lewis ES
Amanda Y. Taylor Clark HS
Maria C. Tenorio Jordan MS
John C. Thornton Marshall HS
Paula G. Thrash Special Education Dept.
Serena Torres Mora ES
Johnny Trevino Maintenance Dept.
Kimberly Truman Warren HS
Luis H. Valderas Clark HS
Leslie D. Valdez Child Nutrition Dept.
Alissa A. Valle Connally MS
Elia Vasquez Murnin ES
Sandra H. Vasquez Thornton ES
Peter Vega Stevens HS
Jose C. Vega Transportation Dept.
Nancy E. Velazquez Clark HS
Howard J. Villarreal Garcia MS
Adam G. Villarreal Krueger ES
Lois M. Walker Braun Station ES
Pamela L. Walters Marshall HS
Jacqueline J. Wanke Helotes ES
Virginia L. Ware Warren HS
Chris A. Warnagiris Warren HS
Larry C. Washington Transportation Dept.
Christopher C. Watson Marshall HS
Audie P. Wenzlaff Kuentz ES
Theresa C. Williams Hobby MS
Liza V. Williams Stevenson MS
Kevin E. Wilson Braun Station ES
Kimberly F. Winter Hobby MS
Jennielynn Withrow Vale MS
Brandi N. Woods Hoffmann ES
Matthew H. Wrage Boldt ES
Kathryn H. Wright Psychological Services Dept.
Jenny Yim Teaching & Learning Dept.
Aissa M. Zambrano Rayburn MS
Tracy A. Zavala Purchasing & Warehouse Dept.
Marisa Zimmermann Michael ES
Marco A. Zuniga Maintenance Dept.

Total Employees In 20 Year Service Pin Category: 293

View those celebrating 30 years

First Name MI Last Name Location
Edith M. Acosta Stinson MS
Bernalda Aguilar Thornton ES
Francisco R. Alcoser Myers ES
Deborah G. Austin Health Careers HS
Carlos Balderas Maintenance Dept.
Lisa J. Barrientes Glenn ES
Monica Bedoy Galm ES
David B. Blair Stinson MS
Donna K. Christ Rudder MS
Ronie N. Cunningham Los Reyes ES
Kristeen E. Davis Jefferson MS
Lisa M. Delgado State & Federal Programs
Julie O. Eakle Thornton ES
Antonia S. Ecker Helotes ES
Irene M. Edwards Holmgreen Center
Hyla R. Finlayson Rawlinson MS
Graciela G. Flores Reddix Center
Erika G. Foerster Student Information Systems Dept.
Darryl A. Hemphill Athletics Dept.
Delia D. Johns Taft HS
Roxanna Y. Johnson Rawlinson MS
Debra B. Lee Pease MS
Linda J. Logan Rudder MS
Lisa A. Madsen Murnin ES
Virginia T. Maldonado Psychological Services Dept.
Michael R. McKenna Brandeis HS
Belynda V. McKenzie Kuentz ES
Don W. Miller Maintenance Dept.
Beatriz Mora Holmes HS
Glenda F. Munson Bernal MS
Amy D. Nichols O'Connor HS
Robert A. Olguin Michael ES
Gloria S. Saldivar Holmes HS
Michael J. Scully Jay HS
Jacqueline C. Swan O'Connor HS
Kristen R. Tallerico Northwest Crossing ES
Maria T. Tattersall Brennan HS
Bonnie B. Taylor Myers ES
Yvonne J. Thomas Galm ES
Tammy J. Tilleman Rudder MS
Lisa A. Turner State & Federal Programs
Deann D. Upright McAndrew ES
Donna L. Van Auken O'Connor HS
Nancy Vasquez Carlos Coon ES
Ana T. Villa State & Federal Programs
Brenda K. Ward Continuous Improvement Dept.
Laura A. Wylie Braun Station ES

Total Employees In 30 Year Service Pin Category: 47

View those celebrating 35 years

First Name MI Last Name Location
Melissa A. Balzen Galm ES
Deborah A. Clegg O'Connor HS
Donna M. Cooper Carlos Coon ES
Antonio S. Dominguez McDermott ES
Diana K. Ely Teaching & Learning Dept.
Maria D. Etter Glenoaks ES
Pauline M. Frisch Purchasing & Warehouse Dept.
James A. Garza Neff MS
Teresita Gonzalez Athletics Dept.
Tomasita Gonzalez Marshall HS
Debra A. Herrera Human Resources Dept.
Anna L. Kessler Rudder MS
Thomas M. Koog Oak Hills Terrace ES
Melissa L. Leesch Technology Acquisitions Dept.
Sherri L. Murrah Knowlton ES
Edward G. Pedraza Rudder MS
Tamara M. Saathoff Stinson MS
Mary R. Sanchez Special Education Dept.
Julie A. Sherrill Scarborough ES
Donald C. Van Winkle Teaching & Learning Dept.

Total Employees In 35 Year Service Pin Category: 20

View those celebrating 40 years

First Name MI Last Name Location
Mark A. Bishop Purchasing & Warehouse Dept.
Elias Cervantes Rayburn MS
Terry Falcon Villarreal ES
Susan A. Lockamy Briscoe MS
Ana Malacara Leon Springs ES
Irene P. McFarlan Zachry MS
Karen J. Parker Marshall HS
Yolanda M. Perez Psychological Services Dept.
Mario L. Vasquez Stevenson MS

Total Employees In 40 Year Service Pin Category: 9

To celebrate during these unusual times, some departments have marked the days with drive-by celebrations (pictured).