NISD makes decision regarding GPA

text that reads- NISD makes decision regarding GPA

Dear Northside ISD families, 

We greatly appreciate your commitment to distance learning during the last few months. Northside ISD and school districts nationwide have been faced with unique challenges during the coronavirus (COVID-19) school closures. Grading policies previously announced included thinking around what is best for students while following state guidelines, and consideration of academic growth, accountability, and equity. 

After much consideration, research, and examination of Northside ISD data of student grades from the spring semester, the following decisions have been made with regard to awarding credit, student official transcripts, and grade point average (GPA):

  • Credit was awarded to a student who earned a grade of 70 or higher in a course.
  • Second semester grades will appear on each student’s official transcript.
  • The 2020 spring semester will be calculated in a student’s GPA if it benefits the student’s overall GPA, and will not be calculated in the GPA if it does not benefit the student. This formula will be applied each time the student’s GPA is calculated until their final senior GPA.

We have made high-quality instruction a priority during this unprecedented time. Thank you for supporting your child's education and Northside ISD. 


Brian T. Woods, Ed.D.
NISD Superintendent