NISD values students' voices

Dear Northside Families:

As you have seen in media coverage, there have been many student-led protests around the country in recent weeks. Some of these protests include students walking out of or not going to class during the school day.

As educators, we value our students’ opinions and acknowledge their concerns. However, to preserve time devoted to their studies and for safety reasons, we discourage any type of walkout or absence. Over the past few weeks, generally through Social Studies classes, students have had the opportunity to learn about and share their opinions on issues related to 2nd amendment rights and school safety. In these settings, respectful conversations have occurred about these important topics.

While we understand people are passionate on all sides of this issue, we cannot allow students to disrupt the learning environment during school hours. If students wish to protest, they may do so in a peaceful manner before or after the regular school day. If a student chooses to walk out of class, the district will treat this as an unexcused absence.

As parents, we hope you will support our efforts to address this issue using a teaching approach and understand the safety concerns we have if students were to walk-out from school in an unsupervised manner.  As always, if you or your student has any concerns about safety on any Northside ISD campus, please contact school administration or call 210-397-SAFE. 

Thank you for your support of your student and of Northside schools.