Northside growing its own

Finding teachers in critical need areas (such as Bilingual/Dual Language, special Education, Math, and Science) can often be a daunting task not only in NISD but across the country. In fact, a recent study showed that fewer and fewer people are going into the educational field at all.

With this in mind, Dr. Brian Woods worked with staff to develop an innovative collaboration between NISD and UTSA to develop a rich experience for students entering the educational field.

“Through the UTSA-NISD Residency Program, we want to give students an opportunity for hands-on experience from the beginning of their college career so that they have a real sense of what teaching is about,” said Dr. Woods.

Participants in the program have access to all professional development offered to NISD teachers, can utilize the Resource Room and Professional Library at NAC, have access to NISD guest speakers, are able to view an exceptional NISD teacher via live stream, and much more.

They also have three opportunities each semester to teach a lesson in an elementary school setting and receive immediate feedback.

The purpose is to gain practice teaching from the first day of college and not just the last semester. The hope is that they gain practice teaching and utilize the feedback in order to improve their practice.

“By the time they graduate, the students have been in NISD classrooms for hundreds of hours,” Woods said. “It is a way to build and nurture students who can become NISD teachers.”

Pictured are members of the UTSA-NISD Residency Program, in its second year.