Northside transitioning to new portal system for grades and attendance

Northside will be moving to a new gradebook at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year and along with this comes a new parent/guardian portal called the Home Access Center (HAC).  The HAC will be replacing the existing gradebook found on Parent Connection.

HAC will allow parents and guardians access to students’ grades and attendance. Parents will need to create a HAC account for the new school year. In order to verify parent/guardian identities during this process, Northside is collecting parent/guardian emails into the District’s Student Information System.

 To enter an email, click here. Parents will be asked to enter their child’s school ID number and their ‘4x4’ password (the first four letters of their last name and last four numbers of their social security number).  The link will ask users to select which parent/guardian is entering information.

For those that have multiple children in Northside, the system will verify siblings if they are currently linked in the current gradebook on Parent Connection and the email information entered will be linked to all siblings. When the new school year begins, access to HAC will be found on the Parent Connection webpage.

Take a few minutes to complete this simple process that will ensure easy access to the new HAC portal in August.

Questions regarding the new HAC portal or the collection of parent emails can be directed to (210) 397-7640.

To enter your email, please click on Home Access Center (HAC).