An overview of why NISD is proposing School Bond 2022

The what and why of School Bond 2022

Every four to five years, Northside ISD asks voters to approve the issuance of bonds. Past bond elections have focused on building new schools and additions to manage explosive enrollment growth in the District. School Bond 2022 proposes to address aging facilities to provide the best teaching and learning environment for all NISD students.


Why is NISD proposing a bond?

But why do school districts have to approach voters to approve bonds?

Much like homeowners borrow money in the form of a mortgage to finance the purchase of a home, a school district borrows money in the form of bonds to finance new schools and renovation projects. Both are repaid over time, but in order for a school district to sell bonds (borrow money) it must go to the voters for approval. By law, bond funds may not be used to fund daily operating expenses or salaries.


What was the process used for developing this proposal?

Last fall, a 250-member Citizens’ Bond Committee, composed of parents, senior citizens, students, business representatives, taxpayers, teachers, and other staff met either in person or via Zoom to study and discuss the needs of the District. The committee endorsed the recommendation to call for a bond election.

The NISD Board of Trustees voted unanimously (7-0) to place a $992 million bond issue on the May 7 ballot.

In the District’s 73-year history, all 125 schools have been constructed with bond funds. Northside’s last bond issue was in 2018 and it was overwhelmingly approved by voters. 

Watch as Superintendent Dr. Brian Woods explains why bond proposals occur and the process for developing this bond proposal. 

Early voting runs from April 25 to May 3 and Election Day is May 7.

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