Pre-K program lays the foundation for student success

NISD Trustees voted unanimously to expand the District’s Full Day Pre-Kindergarten programs to 28 additional campuses making a total of 33 campuses with full day Pre-K. In addition, the District will also offer a limited number of tuition-based slots for non-qualifying families.

The district will continue to offer half-day Pre-K programming at 35 campuses.

Studies have found that children who attended high-quality Pre-K programs were less likely to be placed in special education, less likely to be retained in a grade, and more likely to graduate from high school than peers who did not attend such programs. The early years are critical in laying the groundwork for literacy learning.

“By offering an expanded Pre-K program with skilled and qualified educators who are certified in early childhood, we are able to provide a solid academic foundation for these students as well as help them develop social and emotional tools in order to be successful in school,” says Dr. Brian Woods, NISD Superintendent. “We hope to continue to expand our offerings as the demand dictates.”

Click here to watch a video about the expanded Pre-K program.