Solar Car teams race to the finish line

The 25th Solar Car Races were held Saturday, April 23 at Gustafson Stadium.

This year, just over 250 elementary and middle school teams, about 1,100 students competed with three or four students on each team. Approximately 44 elementary schools and 10 middle schools participated this year.

After preliminary heats, semifinals, and a final race, awards were handed out to champions in the elementary and middle school divisions.


Middle School Results:

1st place Hobby Free Shava Cado

2nd place Hobby The Solar Storms

3rd place Hobby Sun Warriors

4th place Stinson Solar

5th place Jefferson Zoomie Eagles

6th place Stinson Chaos

7th place Hobby Solar Knights

8th place Stinson Storm Racers


Elementary School Results:

1st place Braun Station Fast Hedgehog

2nd place Behlau Pretty Pony Princesses

3rd place Northwest Crossing Swag Muffins

4th place Myers Solars

5th place Blattman Solar Scientist 2.0

6th place Blattman Last But Not Least

7th place Carson The Technick

8th place The Brauchle G.O.A.T.S


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