Squads excel at dance, drill, pep competitions

Congratulations to our high school Dance/Drill and Pep Squads for their accomplishments at various dance competitions throughout the state.

Brandeis HS Lariette Dance Team

Brandeis dance team with trophies

Showtime Competition:

Super Sweepstakes – Team and Officer

1st place – Team Hip Hop, Team Jazz, Team Modern, Team Lyrical, Officer Contemporary, Officer Novelty, and Officer Jazz

Showmanship Award for Team Modern

3rd runner up soloist – Olivia Russell

5th runner up soloist – Natalia Bustamante

Brandeis HS Sapphires Drill Team

Brandeis drill team with trophies

Showtime Competition:

Division I Officer

Super Sweepstakes Team

1st place –Team Jazz, Team Pom, Team Lyrical and Officer Jazz

Brandeis HS Belles Pep Squad

Brandeis pep squad with trophy

MA Dance Contest:

High Point and Technique in Pom & Prop

Choreography in Pom, Prop and Jazz


Brennan HS Golden Stars Dance Team

Brennan dance team posed portrait

MA San Antonio Regional Contest:

2nd place soloist Mariah Carbaugh-Duarte

3rd place soloist Misha Russell

Officers – Super Sweepstakes, Honors in Choreography and Technique, Winners Circle Cup 3rd place

Team – High Point Modern, Hip Hop, Kick, Pom, and Open Super Sweepstakes

Best in Class 5th place Overall

Brennan HS Starlettes Drill Team

Brennan drill team portrait

Military, Pom, and Hip Hop Super Sweepstakes

Super Sweepstakes Highpoint Technique and Military and Pom Choreography

Best in Class 4th place

Brennan HS Shooting Stars Pep Squad

Brennan pep squad with grand champion banner

Crowd Pleasers Hill Country Showcase Regional:

Super Sweepstakes

1st place – Hip Hop, Military, and Prop

2nd place – Pom

1st Overall Grand Champion in Pep Squad Division

Special awards for Outstanding Precision, Outstanding Choreography, Outstanding Technique, and Outstanding Performance Quality


Clark HS TopCats Dance Team

Clark dance team poses with trophies

MA Dance Regional Contest:

Super Sweepstakes

Choreography, Technique, and Highpoint awards for all 4 routines

Best in Class Medium Team

1st place and highest scoring team for the entire contest (Winner's Circle)

Showmakers of America Regional Contest:

Judge's Award and Sweepstakes

Outstanding Showmanship, Technique, Choreography, Precision, and Entertainment

1st place Small Team – Lyrical, Jazz, Hip Hop

2nd place Small Team – Contemporary

Best in Class – 1st place Overall Small Team

Pinnacle Award – Highest Scoring Team (out of 38 teams)

Line of Champions

Clark HS Aristocats Drill Team

Clark drill poses with plaques and trophies

Showmakers of America Regional Contest:

Judge's Award and Sweepstakes

Outstanding Showmanship, Technique, Choreography, Precision, and Entertainment

1st place – Pom and Hip Hop

2nd place – Jazz

Best in Class – Highest Scoring JV Team – 1st place (out of 9 teams)

Line of Champions

Clark HS Pep Squad

Clark pep squad posed team photo for yearbook

Showmakers of America Alamo City Competition:

Sweepstakes – Pom, Military, and Novelty Routines

Outstanding Showmanship – Military and Pom

Outstanding Choreography – Military and Novelty

Outstanding Technique – Military

Outstanding Precision – Military and Novelty

Creative Costumes – Military and Pom

Entertainment – Military

Best in Category – 1st place Military and Novelty

Best in Category – 3rd place Pom

Best in Class – 2nd place  

Line of Champions


Holmes HS Goldenbelles Dance Team

Holmes dance team poses with teacher and awards

1st place – Academic Champions

Sweepstakes and Gussie Nell Davis Award

Judges Award – Kick, Novelty, Pom, and Hip Hop

Platinum Award – Precision, Technique, Choreography, and Presentation

1st place – Best in Class

8th place – Best of the Best

Holmes BCHS Silverbelles Pep Squad

Holmes pep squad poses at competition with awards

American Dance and Drill Alamo Dance Classic:

1st Runner Up Best in Class

Silver in Best Overall Precision and Technique

Sweepstakes and Gussie Bell Davis Award

Judges Awards – Pom and Military


Jay HS Fillies Dance Team

Jay Fillies Dance Team with awards

Crowd Pleasers

1st place – Team Contemporary and Hip-Hop

2nd place – Team Prop

Overall 2nd place Small Team

Jay HS Silver Spurs Pep Squad

Jay pep squad posing with awards at competition

Alamo Dance Classic:  

Division I trophy

3rd Runner Up

Bronze in choreography


Marshall HS Star Steppers Dance Team

Marshall team poses with trophies in gym

HTE Regional:  

 7th place overall soloist Jonbenet Vidola

Officer Awards:

1st place – Contemporary and Jazz

2nd place – Lyrical

Choreography Award

Sweepstakes Award

Officer Division Champion

Grand Champion Officer

Team Awards:

1st place – Modern and Novelty

4th place – Jazz

5th place – Pom

Entertainment Award

Choreography Award

Sweepstakes Award


O’Connor HS Golduster Dance Team

O'Connor team poses on gym floor with awards

Grand Champion at ShowTime at Judson

Champion Circle at Showtime in Dallas

Officers Awards:

Sweepstakes/Judges Award

1st place – Jazz and Novelty

Runner Up Contemporary

Champion Circle

Team Awards:

Sweepstakes/Judges Award

1st place – Jazz, Novelty, and Open

Runner Up Contemporary

Crowd Appeal – Novelty

Champion Circle

Grand Champion

O’Connor HS Starduster Pep Squad

OConnor pep in gold competition outfits

1st place junior soloist – Sydney English

Sweepstakes Officer and Judges Award – Officer Pep

Best Jazz Officer, Officer Novelty, Pom Officer Pep

Sweepstakes Team and Judges Award – Pep

Best Novelty Best Pep Best Military Champion Circle (3 routines)

Officer Pep Grand Champion OC Pep


Stevens HS Sky Dancers Dance Team

Stevens Skydancers posing with trophies

American Dance/Drill contest:

1st place Team Division (Best in Class)

1st place Officer Division (Best in Class)

1st place Soloist – Colonel Maya Hammer

Academic Champions (Team GPA of 3.4)

Sportsmanship Award

Sweepstakes and Gussie Nell Davis Award (Officers and Team)

Judges Award for Officer Hip Hop, Novelty, and Jazz

Judges Award for Team Hip Hop, Pom, Kick, and Lyrical

Platinum Award for Officers and Team (Best Overall Technique, Presentation, Choreography, and Precision)

Officers – 4th place Best of the Best

Team – 5th place Best of the Best

Stevens HS Soaring Wings Pep Squad

Stevens pep squad posing with pom poms

Crowd Pleasers


1st Runner Up Hip Hop

Best in Class Military Pep Squad

1st Runner Up Pom Pep Squad

1st Runner Up Grand Champion


Taft HS Highstepper Dance Team

Taft highsteppers pose with plaques and trophies

Crowd Pleasers Dance Competition:

Team Awards:

2nd Runner Up Grand Champion

Super Sweepstakes

Crowd Pleaser Award (awarded to10 routines out of 186 entered)

1st place – Kick and Pom Champion

3rd place – Jazz

Outstanding Choreography, Outstanding Precision, and Outstanding Performance Quality

Officer Awards:

Officer Sweepstakes

1st Runner Up

2nd place – Officer Lyrical and Jazz

1st place – Officer Hip Hop

Outstanding Choreography

3rd place solo finalist – Kaitie Emshoff

5th place solo finalist – Maddie Mendoza

Taft HS SideKick Pep Squad and Pep Officers

Taft pep squad with banners and trophies

ShowMakers of America State Competition:

Team Sweepstakes

Officer Sweepstakes

Team Judges Award

Team and Officers Outstanding Showmanship – Jazz, Hip Hop and Pom

Team and Officer Outstanding Choreography – Jazz, Hip Hop, Pom

Team Outstanding Technique – Pom

Officer Outstanding technique – Hip Hop

Team Outstanding Precision – Pom, Jazz

Officer Outstanding Precision – Pom

1st place – Team and Officer Pom, Jazz, and Hip Hop

Team Line of champions

Best in Class 1st place Pep Squad Team and Officers

Pep Squad State Champions

Pep Squad Officers State Champions


Warren HS Majestics Dance Team

Warren dance team poses with trophies

HTE Dance Competition:

Grand Champion Runner Up

Small Division Award

Super Sweepstakes

Judges Awards in Showmanship, Entertainment, Precision, Technique, and Choreography

1st place – Hip Hop, Jazz, Pom, and Lyrical

Warren HS Silhouettes Drill Team

Warren drill team poses with awards

Grand Champion 2nd Runner Up

JV Division Award

Super Sweepstakes

Judges Awards – Showmanship, Entertainment, Precision, and Choreography

1st place – Military, Jazz, and Pom

Warren HS Warriorettes Pep Squad

Warren pep squad with awards and teacher

ADTS Alamo Dance Competition:

Officers Awards:

Division I Trophy and Judges Award for Prop

Team Awards:

Biogime Sportsmanship Award


Gussie Nell Davis Award of Excellence

Judges Award – Pom, Military and Contemporary

Best Overall Gold – Precision, Presentation, and Choreography

2nd place – Academic Champions with a team overall average GPA of 3.73

1st place Best in Class Pep Squad Division

Outstanding Director Angela Pina