Squads perform at dance, drill, and pep competitions

Congratulations to our high school Dance, Drill, and Pep Squads for their accomplishments at various dance competitions throughout the state.

Brandeis HS Lariette Dance Team

Showtime at Judson Competition:

Sweepstakes and Judges Awards

Overall Medium Grand Champion Team

Jazz and Hip Hop – 1st runner up

Pom-Winner, Energy Award, Supreme Award 

Contemporary – Winner

Brandeis HS Sapphires Drill Team

Super Sweepstakes

Choreography – Jazz, Contemporary & Pom

Technique – Contemporary & Pom

High Point – Jazz

Officers – one Superior

Brandeis HS Belles Pep Squad

Showtime International Competition:

1st place – Novelty, Lyrical, and Pom


Judges Award

Grand Champion

Brennan HS Golden Stars Dance Team

Crowd Pleasers Hollywood Nationals:

Solo Finalist – Evelyn Vingochea

Officers – National Champion Modern, Super Sweepstakes, Runner Up Contemporary, 3rd place Lyrical, and Runner Up Elite Circle

Team – National Champions Hip Hop, National Champions Overall Most Outstanding Academic Achievement (Team GPA 3.7), Super Sweepstakes, 2nd place Contemporary, 3rd place Pom, 4th place Lyrical, and Crowd Pleaser Award for Hip Hop

Brennan HS Starlettes Drill Team

Crowd Pleasers Fiesta Nationals:

Academic Excellence Award

Super Sweepstakes 

Hip Hop 1st runner up 

Jazz National Champion 

Open National Champion 

Overall 1st runner up

Brennan HS Shooting Stars Pep Squad

MA Regionals at Boerne Champion HS:

1st place – Hip Hop, Pom, Military, Small Ensemble

Overall Grand Champion 1st place in pep squad division

Brennan HS Shooting Stars Pep Squad

Clark HS TopCats Dance Team

Showmakers of America Texas State Championship:

Team Sweepstakes and Judges' Award

Outstanding Showmanship for all routines

Outstanding Choreography for all routines 

Outstanding Technique for all routines

Outstanding Precision for Lyrical, Jazz, and Contemporary

1st place – Lyrical, Contemporary, Jazz, and Hip Hop

State Champions – 1st place overall 

Team placed 1st in every category at every competition!

Clark HS Aristocats Drill Team

Showmakers of America Texas State competition:

Judges Award and Sweepstakes

Showmanship – Pom, Hip Hop, and Jazz

Choreography – Pom and Hip Hop

Technique – Pom and Hip Hop

Precision – Pom

3rd place – Pom

2nd place – Hip Hop

Best in Class – 3rd place in State

Line of Champions

Clark HS Pep Squad

Alamo City Showmakers of America Competition:

Sweepstakes – Novelty, Military, and Pom 

Showmanship – Novelty, Military and Pom 

Choreography and Precision – Pom 

3rd place – Pom 

2nd place – Military 

1st place – Novelty 

Harlan HS Silver Dazzlers Dance Team

Showtime International Contest:

Best in Category Officer Routines (1st)

Jazz, Novelty, and Lyrical (all 3 dances)

Best in Category Team (1st

Jazz, Kick, Lyrical, and Hip Hop (all 4 dances)

Team and Officer Sweepstakes 

Team and Officer Judges Award

Team Champion Circle (2nd place)

Officers Grand Champions (1st place) 

Supreme High Point Officer Lyrical

Supreme High Point Team Kick 

Applause Award for Entertainment & Audience Appeal in Team Jazz

Melena West – Kick Master

Harlan HS Pep Squad

Showtime International Contest:

Military – Best in Category, Judges Award, and Supreme Highest Scoring Routine

2nd place and Best in Category – Jazz and Pom

2nd place overall in Pep category

Holmes HS Goldenbelles Dance Team

Team Sweepstakes and Judges Award

Outstanding Choreography, Outstanding Showmanship, and Outstanding Precision

2nd place – Hip Hop and Kick

1st place – Pom

2nd place – Small Team Category

Holmes/BCHS Silverbelles Pep Squad

1st Runner Up at American Dance Competition

Jay HS Fillies Dance Team

HTE Nationals:

1st place – Team Modern

2nd place – Team Contemporary and Team Novelty

3rd place – Team Jazz

Judges Presentation Award and Sweepstakes Award

Jay HS Silver Spurs Pep Squad

Crowdpleasers Competition in Seguin:

Sweepstakes Winner 

1st runner up overall in the Pep Squad Division

1st place in Military

2nd runner up in Hip Hop and Pom

Marshall HS Star Steppers Dance Team

1st place National Champion in Medium Team Jazz and Lyrical

Presentation Award

Team Sweepstakes

Marshall HS Drill Team




Marshall HS Pep Squad

Showmakers of America Competition at Texas State:

Double Division 

Outstanding Choreography and Showmanship

O’Connor HS Golduster Dance Team

Showmakers of America State Competition at Texas State:

Ashley Kwasna – 3rd place soloist

Officers – Sweepstakes and Judges Award; Outstanding Showmanship – Open, Jazz, and Contemporary; Outstanding Choreography – Open and Contemporary;Outstanding Technique – Jazz; 1st place Open and Contemporary; 2nd place Jazz and Large Team officers (Best in Class); and Line of Champions

Team – Sweepstakes and Judges Award; Outstanding Showmanship – Open, Jazz, Novelty and Contemporary; Outstanding Choreography – Open, Novelty, and Contemporary; 2nd place (Best in Category) Open, Contemporary and Jazz; 1st place (Best in Category) Novelty; 2nd place Large Team (Best in Class); and Line of Champions

O’Connor HS Starduster Pep Squad

Bella Jahanara – Solo Semi Finalist

Officers – Double Division; Showmanship for Pom and Novelty; Precision for Pom; and 1st place Pom

Team – Sweepstakes; Judges Award; Showmanship for Jazz and Novelty; Choreography for Jazz, Military, and Pom; Jazz Technique; Jazz Precision, 3rd place Military; 2nd place Jazz, and Best in Class 3rd place

Stevens HS Sky Dancers Dance Team

American Dance/Drill Competition at Wagner HS:

Best in Class duet (Medium Division) – Abby B. and Jessica R.

1st place Soloist Medium Divsion- Lillian J.

Solo Finalist – Jenn B.

Superior Soloist – Amaya A., Allison A, Addrianna B, and Caroline F. 

Gussie Nell and Sweepstakes – Officers and Team

Judges Award – Officer Jazz, Officer Hip Hop, Team Novelty, Team Pom, Team Hip Hop

Bronze Award – Officer (Technique)

Gold Award – Team (Technique, Choreography, and Precision)

Best in Class Officers and Team (medium division)

Stevens HS Soaring Wings Pep Squad

Crowdpleasers Hill Country Finale:

Officers and Team – Sweepstakes   

1st place – Officer Jazz, Officer Contemporary, Officer Pom, Team Lyrical

Grand Champion –Officers

Taft HS Highstepper Dance Team

Sweepstakes and Gussie Nell Davis Award of Excellence

1st place – Jazz, Pom, Kick

Judges Award

Platinum Award for Precision, Technique, Choreography, Presentation, Best in Class, Overall Best of the Best Award

3rd place – Madeline Mendoza

2nd place – Elizabeth Mueller

1st place – Kaitie Emshoff

Taft HS SideKick Pep Squad


Judges Award

Outstanding Showmanship, Precision, Choreography, and Technique

2nd place – Pom, Best in Class

3rd place – Jazz

1st place – Hip Hop

Overall Line of Champions

4th place – Solo Finalist Karly Adams

Warren HS Majestics Dance Team and Silhouettes Drill Team

Showmakers of America Competitions:

Judges Award – Dance and Drill

Showmanship – Pom, Jazz, and Military – Drill

Showmanship – Lyrical, Pom, Jazz, and Hip Hop – Dance

Choreography – Military, Pom, and Jazz – Drill

Choreography – Lyrical, Pom and Jazz – Dance

Outstanding Precision – Pom – Drill

Best in Class – 4th place Drill and 2nd place Dance

Line of Champions – Dance and Drill

Best in Category Drill – 2nd place Military, 5th place Pom and 2nd place Jazz

Best in Category Dance – 2nd place Lyrical, 2nd place Pom, 2nd place Jazz, and 2nd place Hip Hop

Warren HS Warriorettes Pep Squad

Alamo American Dance & Drill Team Competition:  

Large Ensemble Jazz – Best in Class

Officer Trophy – Division I

Sweepstakes Trophy 

Gussie Nell Davis Award of Excellence

Judges Award for Military, Prop and Contemporary

Best Overall – Gold

Biogime Sportsmanship Award

Academic Champions

Best in Class Pep Squad – 1st place team