Student data verification begins May 11

Student data verification begins May 11 with blue background

In preparation for the 2020-2021 school year in the fall, all NISD students (whether new or returning) must complete registration or data verification online.

If you have never attended a Northside school, click on the blue box that says “new to NISD to register via our Online Registration by clicking here. 

Students currently enrolled in NISD should have their Priority Registration (for grades elementary EE-4) or Student Data Validation (for grades 5 through 11) completed by June 4.  Elementary grades started this process in January and secondary begins on Monday, May 11. 

  • To complete Priority Registration or Student Data Validation, log into the Home Access Center (HAC) account at  This is the same account used by parents to monitor students’ grades and attendance.
  • Once in HAC, click on the Registration icon and then the “Update Enrollment” tab. If you need assistance with setting up or accessing your HAC account, click here to complete the form. 
  • Guides for completing this process can also be found under the Home Access Center portion of the page located at the

Currently, the first day of school is slated for Monday, Aug. 24. Information about required immunizations can be found here

In addition, parents are encouraged to sign up for a SchoolMessenger account to receive a text message and email alerts from their child’s school. You can also keep up with District news through our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Stay tuned to to keep connected with the latest news from NISD.